Lifetime Leather Co.


Merry Christmas to me! I got my hands on a brand new Lifetime Leather Co. tote that I’m absolutely in love with.


Now that I’m traveling a lot, I found myself in need of a nice tote that can hold my laptop and a bunch of other things for the plane. The only other tote I had was a deep cranberry color, and though it’s beautiful, it doesn’t really coordinate with a lot.

This tote is made with quality leather, and runs the fine line of being casual and professional. Just my speed! Plus, it goes with everything I own.


The tote comes in 10 different colors of leather. You can also get a smaller version and or a style with a zipper if you are concerned about the contents falling out.


I love supporting local, and this family owned business is Arizona based. They source all of their leather here in the states, and they guarantee their products will last a lifetime and commit to repairing their products if you need it. Talk about great customer service!

Be sure to check out Lifetime Leather Co. if you’re looking to purchase a quality bag. They also have some amazing backpacks that I have been eyeing.


Photos by Rennai Hoefer; Tote bag given in partnership.

New Glasses from Eyeconic


It has been almost a year since I started working at a marketing agency. I can't believe it! It has been a big growth experience and brought about change in many ways (all of that for another post), but one things is for sure...My eyes have changed. 


Granted, my eyesight could have also changed because I grew another year older, but as of now, I need glasses to see both near AND far. Whoa! I have only needed glasses for reading up until this point. We happen to have a client, Eyeconic, that sells prescription frames. So, I used my trusty eye insurance to get an exam, and ordered these RAD Chloe frames.


I love it when a pair of frames made a statement. I guess you could say I am at a point in my life when I'm ready to look through rose colored glasses. =) These frames were easy to order. I tried them on virtually! It was a new and fast experience for sure. 


These babies are not only helping me see clearer, but they are also helping me see life in a more positive way (or at least trying to). Check out more of their styles on their site. They have a TON to choose from. 

Pics by Lauren J. Photography

Home Depot Patio Style Challenge

AVEStyles_Patio Style Challenge14.JPG

This post is sponsored by Home Depot.

With all of the personal changes that have come my way with divorce, so have the decor changes. Thanks to Home Depot, my patio got a fresh start, and I’m in love. I got this high-quality, stunning 5-piece Highland Point Patio set with Sunbrella cushions from Home Depot just in time to enjoy the gorgeous 75 degree weather.


I chose this beautiful teal color called Charleston to complement the pool water. You guys know I love a pretty blue-green (hello, bedroom design). I think my favorite part of the set is that all of the chairs rock, and I find that so soothing when I’m sitting with my kids. My kids’ favorite thing about the patio set is the fire pit. They love roasting ‘smores on it. I should say i do too.

AVEStyles_Patio Style Challenge30.JPG

To see more, make sure to check out Home Depot’s blog and see the beautiful rug and plants I got as well.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer

Christmas Decor with Hayneedle

This post is sponsored by Hayneedle


New beginnings call for a lot of new things even down to Christmas decor. All of the decor I own has been a part of Christmases shared with Ryan. In fact, a lot of the ornaments are ones I bought the first year I was married to celebrate our first Christmas together. Being separated this Christmas, it is quite painful to bring those memories back to life, so I looked to Hayneedle to help make new memories this Christmas with beautiful and simple decorations that will establish a foundation to build memories upon.


A beautiful, new pre-lit tree was just what I needed. It doesn’t have any ornaments on it this year, but it will grow to have more and more as the kids and I make new ones together. I look forward to popsicle sticks, pine cones and cotton balls decking out the tree over the years.


I placed the tree in the window for decoration because I’m not sure it’s wise of of me to attempt hanging lights on the outside of the house by myself. Haha! But I got a new wreath for the door that has battery operated lights and comes with a timer. I also found a beautiful garland to lay across my antique china cabinet. Between the tree, the wreath and the garland things should be looking pretty festive.


I’m a big believer that candle light is just as festive has Christmas lights. So I found beautiful brass and wooden candle holders to put throughout the space. I can’t wait to light them all on Christmas Eve. I also found beautiful brass trays and glass domes that would set a holiday scene with pine cones and fake snow, but I love that these are items that can stay on my table over the the months and not feel out of place. Christmas decorations can be really expensive, so you may as well find things that can stay out longer than six weeks.


If you’re looking for beautiful and affordable Christmas decor Hayneedle has such a great selection. Everything comes right to your door too. No need to worry if your tree will fit in your trunk. Here’s to the holidays and new memories! 


Photos by Rennai Hoefer; product was given as part of payment for this project. 



Packing lunches has gone to a level that I just can't compete with. From Bento Boxes to making animals out of vegetables, Pinterest has me all kinds of stressed out when I think about what other moms are doing. 

Alexandra Evjen Favorites-0004.jpg

Me, well, I just stick to simple sandwiches, bananas, and juice. And, you know what, that is totally okay because this simple lunch gives my kids the energy and nutrition they need to be healthy and happy, and I have more time to spend with them. 

Alexandra Evjen Favorites-0005.jpg

The same thing goes for snacks in our home. Though I would love to make banana sushi or something really creative for them every day, I just can't fit it in right now. But it's not the lunches that your kids remember when they are grown, it's how much you loved them and the time you spent. Moms, you're doing good just by making sure your kids have healthy food to eat. Minute Maid has been doing a great job on shedding light on parents #doinggood and taking the pressure off of themselves. Check out to see what I wrote for their blog this month, click here.

Alexandra Evjen Favorites-0017.jpg