Packing lunches has gone to a level that I just can't compete with. From Bento Boxes to making animals out of vegetables, Pinterest has me all kinds of stressed out when I think about what other moms are doing. 

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Me, well, I just stick to simple sandwiches, bananas, and juice. And, you know what, that is totally okay because this simple lunch gives my kids the energy and nutrition they need to be healthy and happy, and I have more time to spend with them. 

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The same thing goes for snacks in our home. Though I would love to make banana sushi or something really creative for them every day, I just can't fit it in right now. But it's not the lunches that your kids remember when they are grown, it's how much you loved them and the time you spent. Moms, you're doing good just by making sure your kids have healthy food to eat. Minute Maid has been doing a great job on shedding light on parents #doinggood and taking the pressure off of themselves. Check out to see what I wrote for their blog this month, click here.

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