This post is sponsored by Jamba Juice.


Jamba Juice saved my life last year. I lost a lot of my appetite at the beginning of my separation. Everything came as quite a shock to me and the grief was so strong that I couldn't eat. I dropped almost 10 pounds in a month. Smoothies were the only thing I could stomach, and thankfully Jamba Juice has some really tasty ones.


One of the best things about smoothies is that you can pack them with a ton of fruits and vegetables and protein, and somehow when you combine it all Jamba Juice makes it taste good. My personal favorite is Mango-A-Go-Go. It's my go-to (wink). 


Having to stay energetic and strong for my kids, I was there almost every day. Sometimes I would even take the kids and treat them to one. They still to this day think it's just like ice-cream. I love it because it doesn't have any ice cream in it and, instead, a ton of fruit. 

I'm not sure if you have tried their smoothie bowls, but if you want some added banana, coconut, strawberries and crunch be sure to try their Mango Medley Bowl. YUM!! I just tried it, and I'm obsessed. 

If you want to try anything mango at Jamba Juice between now and June 6th use the special code JAMBASTYLES for $2 off your purchase. 


Photos by Rennai Hoefer