Mother's Day for a Single Mom


This post is sponsored by James Avery

This is my first Mother's Day as a single mom. Maybe off the bat it doesn't seem like it should be too different from any other Mother's Day, but I don't have a spouse that will be giving me a card or a gift or even hot coffee at the start of the day. 


So, what do I do this Mother's Day to make sure that I celebrate the most important job in my life, especially after one of the hardest years yet? Well, i got myself an extra special piece of jewelry from James Avery. 


When it comes to jewelry I like to keep things simple and special. James Avery has always meant a lot to me over the years growing up in Texas. I wrote about the gift I got myself over the holidays to remind me of peace (click here to see), and I wear it non-stop. So, what better gift for Mother's Day than a bracelet with an "L" and an "N" to remind me of my children. 


I love that it's on a cord because it's comfortable when I'm typing at work vs. a hard bangle. Elle and Levi also like seeing their letters on my arm. If you still don't know what to get for Mother's Day I would highly recommend a James Avery charm bracelet like this.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer