A cotton t-shirt and a pair of cotton shorts has been my pajamas for almost my whole life. I've never really cared or invested a lot into what I wear to bed. The primary focus has been comfort so that I can enjoy my sleep not about beauty or style.


Now that I am feeling more beautiful and sexy as the days goes by, I find myself wanting to wear beautiful things even while I sleep. With the summer weather now here, the silk jams that I have by Natori are a bit too hot for me to sleep in, so I decided to try some of their cotton styles instead. Natori makes the most beautiful sleepwear that makes any woman feel like a million dollars. And, oh my gosh, I think I may just like these THE BEST! 


I ordered the Shangri-La set and the shorts are cotton and comfortable, and the lace makes them sexy. The back on the tank is cut lower than normal, and I feel like it really highlights my back more. 


I also feel like I can wear these in front of my kids and people and not feel self-conscious about them being overtly sexy. It's the perfect balance of comfort and beauty in a pajama set. If you're looking to spruce up your sleepwear collection, I highly recommend these. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; Product given for this post.

Sleeping In Luxury

I love sleep. As a mom of littles, sleep is what I crave more than anything, and if there is something that can increase my quality of sleep my dollars won't hesitate. This should not be a surprise to anyone that has seen all that we have put into our bedroom. Haha! 

When I get ready for bed I take my time as if I'm getting ready for a date, but it's a date with the sandman. I slather on yummy smelling face creams and spray aromatherapy to ensure sweet dreams. And as far as sleepwear goes, well, up until now I just wore a t-shirt and comfy shorts, but Natori has changed all of that for me. I had no idea silk satin could feel so luxurious. 

I have a fondness for luxury goods just like anyone, but when it comes down to putting my dollars where my eyes are I'm pretty reluctant unless I'm going to get a lot of use out of it. I never considered luxury sleepwear to be one of those things, but after experiencing Natori I get why people love it so much. Slipping on these jams is like slipping on a second skin and waking up in an evening gown. Do I dare even call these pajamas? 

If you're a fan of cotton they have you covered there too. They carry the softest, prettiest cotton sets. When people talk about wanting to wear sweatpants all day they just don't know what they are missing out on because Natori is truly what you want to wear all day long. 

Check out other styles here, and tell me what your favorite is. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; This post contains affiliate links. Product was given for this post.