Master Bedroom Reveal - AVE Styles

It's finally finished! This project has almost been a year in the making, but we finally have a gorgeous bedroom retreat thanks to Decorist.

We moved into our new home in August, I had Levi in September and then we just slept on a mattress on the floor for about three months until we got our bed. Haha! Priorities, right?! 

Historically, our master bedroom has never been a priority for home design. You know me, I love decorating spaces, and I had such fun with Elle's room and Levi's room, but with there being so much to do as a mom and business woman, I usually prioritize our bedroom to be at the end of the list. After-all, we just sleep there, right? 

So, when I was introduced to Decorist and had the opportunity to work with them on a design of any room in my home, I actually picked my bedroom. They were able to give me a beautiful design within a week of submitting photos and answering questions. 

It was a wonderful experience because, Jessica, my designer, asked me questions that I would never ask myself. Such as, "What would your dream bedroom look like?" "What do you want the space to feel like?" If it was left up to me, I probably would have found a simple king size bed and I would have put two simple chairs for my reading area in the room instead of this insanely awesome hanging chair that I found at Home Goods.


I'm a lover of modern design, contemporary design and eclectic textures, but Jessica pushed the design to create a modern boho experience that has become a refuge and retreat from the world outside. It is so much more than a place to sleep. We now hang out all morning in our bedroom. In fact, I spend a lot of days working in my bedroom instead of an office. It's such an inspiring and enjoyable space that I can't stay away from it. It really has showed me what good design can do for a space.

I have never loved going to bed more in my life than now, and waking up feels like I'm living in a bird's nest in paradise thanks to this amazing bed from Anthropologie. I never would have picked this bed if it wasn't for Jessica, but now this space feels so special because of it.

What is also great about Decorist is that they give you an idea to run with, but you don't have to buy everything that they suggest. You can work off of the inspiration to find similar items. 

The bed, bedside tables, lamps, pillows, wool stools, pendant light, animal skin rug, juju hat and curtains are all from the original design. However, I found my area rug, bench, table-side accents, plants, hanging chair, side table and art work on my own. Decorist was there to affirm my choices, but it gave me the freedom to easily stay in my budget. (See a full list of sources below).

If I have any advice to give after this experience, it's to prioritize your bedroom design. Once you fully decorate your space you will end up spending more time in it and finding more enjoyment and rest in your home.

Look below to see a full source list of everything in the bedroom and where to buy it. Also, check out Rue Magazine for a full feature on the design process with Decorist.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer