Winter Velvet with Garnet Hill


My master bedroom got an update just in time for the holidays thanks to Garnet Hill. I finally have the best linen sheets on the planet to sleep in every night and the softest velvet green comforter to top it all off.


I have been wanting to try the tone on tone trend for a long time, and there is no color that I drool over more than emerald green. This comforter is high quality with a natural linen side as well. So, you really get two looks in one with this purchase.


If you’re looking for a bedroom refresh without redecorating the whole space, I definitely recommend just updating your linens. It makes a big impact without as much of an investment.


Photos by Rennai Hoefer.

Lamps Plus Sweepstakes


This post is sponsored by Lamps Plus. 

Lamps Plus is my go to destination for lighting. It's where I found my dream light for my bedroom, and It's also a place I go to when I'm looking for cool home accents. I've partnered with them to share some of my favorite things from their store under $75, and to host a sweepstakes where one lucky winner AND a friend will win an item of their choice from my picks. Christmas has come early folks! Make sure to visit my Instagram account or Facebook page to find out the details. And check out my decor selects below to see them in the context of my home.:


This yellow pillow is just the pop of color I have been looking for. I love the disheveled appearance of it. 


This mid-century looking walnut light is a favorite of mine. It looks so expensive, and yet it's very affordable. 


I love to be surrounded by plants, but I don't have time to manage them all. I like to mix in some faux plants here and there, and these palm leaves are just the ticket. 


One of my favorite mid-century pieces is a starburst clock. I've been wanting one for awhile now, and I finally have one thanks to Lamps Plus. 

Uniquely shaped bowls and vessels are things I love collecting. I fell in love with this black and gold oval dish, and I have already filled it with pumpkins. 

I hope you enjoyed my picks. Good luck on winning!

Green Velvet


This post is sponsored by Article.

Do you have the velvet bug? I obviously do. Last year, it was a blue sofa. Last month, it was red velvet shoes. And this month, it's green velvet chairs from Article. They are my new obsession. I love sitting here early in the morning or late at night. The fabric is so soft to the touch. It feels like a big hug to me right now.


And it's not just color or texture that has me head over heels in love, it's the lines. The design of these chairs is so beautiful and the quality is top notch. Article is a company that I have been familiar with for quite some time. In fact, I have been eyeing their brown leather sofa for over a year. 


A couple months ago I thought I was putting the finishing touches on the house, but with the change in circumstances with my family, some furniture has had to go. So, it truly is a gift to have such special chairs be a part of new beginnings for me.


If you're looking for quality, modern furniture I highly encourage you to check out the chairs, sofas and tables that Article makes. They are exceptional. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer


This post is sponsored by SIXPENNY.

I must confess a big home design mistake to you all. It's one that I made two times over. I have purchased two sofas for our living room without reading any reviews or much research. I based my choices purely on the advertised pictures. I didn't even measure my space beforehand. I just eye-balled it with full confidence everything would work out. Well, it didn't. The colors weren't right and the sizing was off. But, I have learned from my old ways, and I no longer go with just aesthetics. I only buy from trusted, quality furniture companies, and that's why I love SIXPENNY.

They are a furniture company that not only offers beautiful, modern designs, but guarantees satisfaction and quality. Each chair and sofa is made to order. Mine was shipped to me within a week of my order being placed. They also have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and no restocking fees. That's so rare in the online furniture buying world.

I love online shopping, but the other challenge I face is figuring out if the colors are true to the photos. With SIXPENNY, what you see is what you get. I got their ARLO chair in the gray wool, and it was exactly what I thought it would look like in person. I love it because the seat is deep and you can really lounge in it.  Right away I could tell it was well made, and it's now my favorite seat in my living room. 

The only thing is that this chair is going to be moved upstairs into our bedroom/office space soon. So, I guess that means I will have to buy another one. ;) If you're looking for modern, quality furniture at great prices, definitely check out SIXPENNY. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer


This post is sponsored by Hayneedle.

The best thing about living in Arizona is the weather. It's dry and sunny almost every day of the year. Even during our high temperatures we find ourselves outdoors because we have a pool, and also because we have a backyard that feels like a sanctuary. Last year, we got patio furniture so we could enjoy the space more, and this year we finished decking out our outdoor grill area thanks to Hayneedle. 

Hayneedle offers the best outdoor decor and entertaining essentials and great prices. You better believe we will be enjoying some margaritas and carne-asada this week for Cinco de Mayo. We love using our grill, and we are able to sit and enjoy each other's company while we cook using these woven bar stools. I selected these because they appeared durable, more heat resistant than metal, and brought texture to the space. I freshened them up with some color using outdoor pillows with blues and aqua. 

We also put up a living wall to cover the ugly block wall we have, as well as to have a space to plant herbs and spices. Since the area gets sun all day long and the hot days are coming, I planted lavender and rosemary for now. They will grow in almost any weather. 

We also added some green with our big planters and covered some of the boring beige stucco with our log hoop. It's functional and it adds some interest to the space.

I thought adding some lanterns to the area was a pretty way to make the bar come alive. It's also functional for evening entertaining, and the lanterns won't blow away (something to think about for outdoor styling). 

Shade is important in Arizona, so we ordered an umbrella for the bar. I like the striped pattern for interest, but I stuck with the white and tan so it didn't over power the space.

Being able to eat poolside is amazing, but safety is important too. I ordered some durable plastic plates and other entertaining essentials. You can see the rest of my selects on the Hayneedle's blog. 

Photography by  Rennai Hoefer

Photography by Rennai Hoefer