Winter Velvet with Garnet Hill


My master bedroom got an update just in time for the holidays thanks to Garnet Hill. I finally have the best linen sheets on the planet to sleep in every night and the softest velvet green comforter to top it all off.


I have been wanting to try the tone on tone trend for a long time, and there is no color that I drool over more than emerald green. This comforter is high quality with a natural linen side as well. So, you really get two looks in one with this purchase.


If you’re looking for a bedroom refresh without redecorating the whole space, I definitely recommend just updating your linens. It makes a big impact without as much of an investment.


Photos by Rennai Hoefer.


The fact that the color mauve and velvet are in vogue right now and I am wearing them is proof that fashion really does go in cycles. I never in the world thought that I would buy and wear a mauve velvet bodysuit in my life after owning a ton of velvet tops in the 90s. Then again, I also never thought I would wear chokers too. 

Never say never is the lesson here because the truth is that I'm head over heels for this rich fabric and color right now. Maybe 20 years is the magic number for making you miss a fashion trend?

You are going to see velvet shoes, tops, dresses and even coats the more you shop this winter, and this is what you need to know about velvet...

It's really hard to care for and it's easy to ruin. So, those velvet heels that are calling your name will likely only be worn a handful of times. That said, I'm all for experimenting and having fun with trends if they are budget friendly. Fashion is for our enjoyment and play, but I also don't want to light a match to $100. 

So, I've rounded up a bunch of velvet goodies under $50 for you. This way you can adopt the trend for a small investment, and enjoy every minute of it. 

Velvet Accents

img-thingI'm not a big fan of velvet, honestly. As a fashion lover I should never rule out any fabric or item because things have a way of coming back in style. To me, velvet reminds me of junior high when I had a dress code of red, black and white, and all I could find during the winter time were these red and black velvet, short-sleeved shirts (short-sleeved in winter time only Houston or Phoenix). I wore them every week - imprisoned in the fabric. haha. ;)

I don't mind seeing velvet used as an accent to a garment or accessory, however. Here are some items that I really enjoy!