Velvet Accents

img-thingI'm not a big fan of velvet, honestly. As a fashion lover I should never rule out any fabric or item because things have a way of coming back in style. To me, velvet reminds me of junior high when I had a dress code of red, black and white, and all I could find during the winter time were these red and black velvet, short-sleeved shirts (short-sleeved in winter time only Houston or Phoenix). I wore them every week - imprisoned in the fabric. haha. ;)

I don't mind seeing velvet used as an accent to a garment or accessory, however. Here are some items that I really enjoy!

Fun with Felt

il_430xN.66176858I keep seeing some awesome felt jewelry and other fun trinkets that I thought the fabric deserved a blog post. Felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting and pressing fibers. It can come in any color and be made into any shape. It is the OLDEST form of fabric known to humankind. Can you believe it?! Check out some AWESOME items worth creating yourself or buying online...