Answered Prayers

wendy4I know this is not fashion related, but it's Alex related and this is after all. ;) My life has been NUTS these past few months and has put me on my knees with anxiety and stress. I believe that God hears our prayers always, though He may not answer them in the way we want or expect, I know He hears me and I find comfort in that. So, I would like to share with you a bit about my recent circumstances and encourage those of you that are struggling in your faith that God is with you. And though, the knots in your stomach may not cease, mine never did, keep clinging the best that you can. Click to keep reading.

I was sick for about a month and a half. I had severe joint pain to the point where I couldn't even walk to my bathroom, random episodes of nausea - one in particular forced me to cancel my trip to San Francisco where I was going to visit FIDM SF campus and vascular distress. The doctors were unable to figure out what was wrong with me after three different blood tests and four trips to the doctor until last week...It turns out it was a combination of the flu, flare up of old mono and severe allergies to ragweed, mold and cedar. Though I have been feeling better for awhile now, to know of these allergies is such an answered prayer because throughout my childhood I have dealt with allergic reactions of which we that we could not figure out the cause.

As most of you know, I was in a car accident the week of  Thanksgiving. You can read about the accident here. My paid off car was totaled, and now has put us in a situation of buying a car and paying for rentals - super stressful to say the least. Well, God has provided us with a used CRV that we will be picking up this Saturday. We are so excited! Not only is it a price we can afford, but it's our number one choice car.

Our new puppy, Wendy, broke her toe at the beginning of November, had to have a cast, got sores from her cast and then ate an ornament, which resulted in an emergency endoscopy to retrieve the top of the ornament from her stomach. These issues have resulted in five veterinarian visits within one month. Super pricey! Wendy has finally healed, and thank goodness stomach surgery wasn't necessary because that would be WAY more money.

Lastly, I work for a professional association - a non-profit that has been anticipating hard times. We have managed to stay strong through the economic downturn. Expecting to get a pay cut and a possible layoff in my year-end review, God not only spared me from that, but I received a raise and a bonus (which will be going to our dog and car)! Such a wonderful blessing!!!

This season has been very hard. Hard on my relationship with God, hard on my marriage and hard of my friendships. However, I've come out on the other side, breathing and joyful. Dealing with an illness and surviving what could well have been a fatal accident has made me really appreciate my health and life. I wish all of you a new year full of good health!

Obviously, finances have been a source of anxiety, but Ryan and I have been so blessed in this area of our lives, and we are glad that we can continue to bless others in this lagging economy.

By no means am I saying that prayers will always leave you with warm fuzzies and amazing blessings, but there is always growth and wisdom to be gained. For me, it's an appreciation for life and my job - something that many people are without this holiday season.

Praise be to God!