Back to School Fashion for Kids

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I received the included back to school essentials and clothes as compensation.

I blinked and summer was over. “Where has the time gone,” said every parent ever when August rolls around. It always goes by so fast, and then you find yourself scrambling to get all of their school essentials taken care of in a weekend. At least that’s what happens to me. Sticking to one store to get what Levi and Elle needs for back to school clothes simplifies life, and I need simple right now. II love going to Kohl’s because they always have cute clothes at great prices.

Elle is really into skirts these days, and Kohl’s has a variety of cotton, machine-washable skirts with shorts underneath. I love these skirts because she can play and be modest at the same time. With elle the more sparkle the happier she is, so I found her skirts with gold glitter on it in neutral beige and gray with graphic t-s to mix and match.

$7 t-shirts are a steal! We made out like bandits. We’re going to go back to Kohl’s to get more with my Kohl’s cash that I earned.

I also got her My Little Pony Socks and some zip-up ankle boots. She particularly loved that they had a “high heel” and some glitter on them. Ha-ha! Anything to make her smile and keep her feet happy is fine by me.

Boy clothes have come a long way. It used to be like an Easter egg hunt to find cute boy clothes, but Kohl’s has them everywhere. I love that all I have to think about are t-shirts and pants for Levi. I found some stretch denim and khaki joggers with a bunch of cotton, graphic t-shirts and he is set for the school year.

I also got Levi new shoes, and I fell in love with these gray ones by Carter’s with velcro because they can go with any outfit and they are ones he can start learning to put on himself. Although, I must say he is a master at taking them off (le sigh). Maybe it’s because he wants to stare at his new Paw Patrol socks and tell me the name of dog. Either way, it’s cuteness all around.

If you’re feeling the back to school pressure and your mind and wallet need some peace, be sure to shop between August 4th and August 20th at Kohl’s. You can get $10 of $50 you spend on back to school clothes. Just use promo code BTS10 if you shop online, and that includes kid’s clothes, junior clothes, young men’s clothes, footwear, Juniors’ accessories, and character backpack purchases. You can thank me later. Also, Kohl's friend and family sale will be happening August 17th-20th and you get a whole 20% off with the code SAVER.

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Photos by Rennai Hoefer