You learn quickly in the fashion world that when all else fails go with black. I remember going to one of my first fashion events about seven years ago, and wearing what I thought was the coolest outfit. When I got to the event everyone was wearing black and I was sticking out like crazy. Maybe it was a good thing, but at that moment I just wanted to fit in with the fashion scene. Haha. The truth is that when you wear head to toe black no one really can judge your fashion because black is always acceptable.

But, I rarely wear all black. I often times dress how I feel, and most of the time black feels too dark for me. Recently, I was in Austin, TX to talk about all things Pinterest at BlogHerFood, and I decided to wear an edgy outfit combination reminiscent of the 90s that was mostly black.

Sometimes when you go to new places where no one really knows who you are you can have some fun and reinvent yourself. That's one of the things I love most about fashion. You can put on one dress and immediately look and feel different. 

Something about Austin made we want to play up the funky part of my personal style. I wore a white t-shirt, black choker, black lace cami and skinny jeans with boots (get the whole look below). It was a comfy, causal and moody outfit that transformed me instantly into this west coast style fashion blogger. And the rest of the conference I played into this archetype for fun. 

I, of course, would wear this outfit while in Arizona. It's a true aspect of my style, but I wouldn't say it's my go-to, daily choice. And that's okay to have those outfits. Do you have those outfit that morph you into an alter-ego? If so, what are they? I'd love to hear!

Get the look: Lace camisole; white t-shirt; black skinny jeans; back boots; choker; black hat (similar)

Photos by Katie Jameson; this post contains affiliate links