Closet Makeover - Tiffany

Today I completed my very first closet makeover for one of the winners of the Closet Makeover Contest that was held this past week. Tiffany was such a blast to work with. She has such great style! I found myself wanting everything in her closet as we began sifting through her clothes. It only took us an hour and a half to sort through, fold and hang her wardrobe!

Things that helped the process from the start were having the same hangars throughout the space, the closet was kept pretty tidy and she had plenty of alternative storage containers.

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Tiffany stored her purses, scarves, shoes and costumes in the bins you see in the photo. Her tank tops, jeans, t-shirts, dresses and sweaters were hung and grouped by type and her shoes were stored in hanging cubbyholes to the right. Tiffany also kept a tall dresser in her closet for camisoles and other items that have a hard time staying on hangars.

We were able to fill a large container to the brim with clothes that will be donated to Good Will, empty a storage container and fill a shopping bag full of clothes to be consigned!

We arranged her closet with Tiffany's skirts, pants and shorts on the bottom rack, tank tops and t-shirts on the top and dresses and cardigans hanging to the right. We eliminated the use of the dresser that was inside of her closet all together! Tiffany was left with extra space on her shelves and on each rack.