Clothing That Shines

When I was a little girl, I remember shopping with my mom and always running toward the shiny satin fabrics and sequined dresses. And every year, when my dance costumes arrived for my approaching recital I would always choose the outfit with the most sequins as my favorite. Back then and even now, I would jump to wear these Top Shop sparkles below.


Spring and summer clothes are always so bright and happy, but one thing you rarely see is sparkle and shine. The fall and winter fashion seasons are always sprinkled with glitter and sequins, and, in my opinion, makes the cooler months superior. haha!

Yes, metallic fabrics, head-to-toe sequins and giant gems can be gaudy at times, but I think every gal needs something sparkly in her wardrobe even if it's a giant jeweled collar or sparkly shoes likes these Kate Spade ones.

Check out some shiny, affordable options below and add some sparkle to your closet!