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Not to get ahead of ourselves (as it's merely warming up to spring temps), but after the New York Fashion Week shows this past week it's apparent that we have a LOT to look forward to for Fall/Winter 2016. NYFW is typically the most casual in it's Ready To Wear fashion, so it's usually the best indication of what we will actually be seeing on the shelves and the streets this August. While there were many standout shows, I noticed quite a few overwhelming trends that intrigued me... 


Minimalism is still going strong. Designers are encouraging whites for winter and giving us a nice selection of garments with clean lines from strapless flowing dresses to robe-style fur coats. As a stylist, when I see simple pieces like these I think of them as a perfect clean slate. My mind starts running wild with ways to accessorize them with funky jewelry or a bright shoe.

Brock collection, Brandon Maxwell, Dion lee
Brock Collection, Brandon Maxwell, Dion Lee


Bohemian fringe has a new counterpart, it's cooler older sister: 20's inspired flapper fringe. We're getting major Gatsby vibes from these looks and can't complain one bit. 

Rachel Zoe, Zimmerman, Jason Wu


Being one of Pantone's colors of the year, it's no surprise that rose quartz is gracing the runways left and right. However, select designers are taking a unique approach by styling their pinks with shades of yellow varying from bright neons to subdued mustard-y hues. This traditionally spring/summer color combo works surprisingly well with F/W fashions. Who knew? 

Pink and Yellow NYFW.jpg
Creatures of Comfort, Marissa Webb, Delpozo


Here to contrast the stark minimalism we're seeing in fashion, pattern play is full of whimsy and color. So why not throw a leopard print coat on top of your floral silk pajamas? J. Crew did it...

J Crew, Clover Canyon, Coach


Plaid is pretty much a no-brainer when it comes to fall and winter fashion. Although this season we'll also be seeing a lot of clean, gridded patterns. The grids are a little less hectic and look more modern than your traditional lumberjack plaid. 

Jason Wu, Michael Kors, Kaelen

All images from To see more trends I am loving right now be sure to follow my "Trends I Love" Pinterest board. 


Fashion month is officially upon us. It's so exciting to see what designers have dreamed up for us to look forward to in the upcoming season, but that's not the only reason I love following along with the action. One of my favorite things about fashion week is the hoards of street style shots that come along with it. From the industry insiders practically sprinting from show to show, to the stylish on-lookers who get caught candidly on camera, style and personal expression is at it's height. There's a certain essence and movement to these shots that simply can't be premeditated. 

You're sure to see lots of these street style shots flowing through my Pinterest feed over the next month. Below is one that I've pinned recently. I love this monochrome look with just a pop of red. The outfit is so simple, but the ribbed sweater and accordion pleated skirt give the look great texture. Grab the whole ensemble below for $145 and make the streets your runway. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 03.45.24.png


I used to hate wearing turtlenecks as a kid. I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and wearing turtlenecks was all I seemed to do because it's so cold there from September to April. I hated how they felt constricting - always pulling or scratching at the collar. 

As an adult, however, I have come to love turtleneck sweaters. Rather than feeling constricting I find them really comfortable, especially cotton cable-knit sweaters like this one from Lands' End. You can wear them with jeans or you can even wear them over your favorite dress.

Right now knits and skirts are a trendy combination, but with just having had a baby three months ago I'm not really in the market to buy a lot of skirts and pants. My waistline is slowly receding, and I would rather wait to spend the money on clothes that I will wear a long time. So, instead, I just pulled on this turtleneck over my pink, pleated maxi dress to create the illusion of a top and skirt.

This is a smart way to avoid looking and feeling frumpy in a turtleneck. When winter comes and many of us are stuck indoors all of the time it's easy to feel sluggish and lackluster, so try this combination out the next time you get dressed. And, if you're looking for a great outfit to wear for family photos I think this would be a wonderful option. You can even add a pretty wreath and you have a gorgeous Christmas card! PS - My dear friend Katie Sterbenz is selling these custom signs in her etsy shop for $20. Go get yours now, click here!

Photos by Ten 22 Studio; product was sponsored by Lands' End for this post.


Well, December is upon us and winter is in full effect. My Pinterest feed is full of holiday musings, hearty recipes, and of course some killer winter fashion. Oh how I love this season.

I pinned the image below to my Winter Style board and it got an overwhelming response from all of you. I love this look because it's simple with only 4 pieces, but all of them are great on-trend winter staples. First, the boots. Thigh high boots are one of the sexiest winter shoe options around and they're great because they enable you to still wear your little dresses without your legs freezing. And to pair perfectly with your thigh highs, we have chunky sweater dresses. Perfect for running errands with leggings underneath but also easily dressed up for a holiday party. You'll also be noticing a lot of blanket coats out there. Some are poncho style, but the ones pictured below give you the same look with a little more functionality. Lastly, winter is the time for quilted leather. Thanks to Chanel, there are a ton of these cute quilted cross body bags for sale in just about every fast fashion store.

We all know there's a ton of extra expenses that pop up during the holiday season. Save some money on your winter style by shopping smart, and get through your holiday gift giving all the merrier. We know you can find your look for less!

Look for Less #5


Something about winter always makes me want to change up my look. Sometimes it's dramatic: dying my hair dark, chopping a blunt bob, or getting harsh bangs (never again, not for me!) but sometimes it's as simple as just adding a new product to my makeup routine. This route is sooo much easier and doesn't require quite the unwavering commitment. That said, this year I decided to add a red lip into my beauty rotation. 

I typically go for nudes and pinks when it comes to my lip color, so darker hues are a little more out of my comfort range. Personally I've never been a huge fan of a red lip on myself, but I absolutely love the instant glamour it can add to any look when executed well. This set me on a mission to find the perfect red lip color for the upcoming holiday season. Oh, and there's one more condition: The lip color must be under $10! That's right, I'm stepping away from Sephora and heading to the drugstore to find it.


The first lipstick that caught my eye was Loreal Paris' Colour Riche Lipstick in Zoe's Red. I wear a lot of burgundy in the winter, so I love this deep wine shade. I was especially delighted by this lipstick's silky smooth matte finish which helped to mellow out the dramatic color. Surprisingly enough, it also kept its rich color and crisp lines much longer than my favorite MAC lipstick. Way to go, L'Oreal! I'm sold. 


Next, I decided to try out Revlon's Colorstay Moisture Stain in Stockholm Chic. I usually steer clear of lip glosses of any sort because I hate when they feel goopy and sticky, but I've heard great things about lip stains and their lasting qualities so I decided to give this product a go. This lip color goes on with a glossy finish but doesn't feel sticky. In fact, this gloss is made with Vitamin E and Aloe so it's quite moisturizing. The color is a very orange-y red, but it plays nicely with the subtle gold sparkles in this lip gloss. 


The reddest of all reds is Boots' No.7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Glam. We're talking BRIGHT. A little too bright for me, but it would look super chic with an all black ensemble. Despite the color, the lipstick went on smoothly and has SPF 15 which is an added plus! 


Standing in the aisle of Walgreens, I couldn't say no to the beautiful cranberry color that is Maybelline's Color Sensational Matte Lipstick in Rich Ruby. This lipstick goes on creamy but dries matte leaving you with sophisticated and clean color. I think I'll end up wearing this color for the holidays and painting my nails a matching shade of red to complete the look. 


Lastly, I put Maybelline's 24 Color in All Day Cherry to the test. This lip color intrigued me since it was dual sided and included not just a gloss but a moisturizing lip balm, too. My lips always get dry during the chilly winter months so lip balm is my best friend. How convenient to have it built into the gloss! I love the dual-sided idea but was quite unimpressed with the lipgloss itself. It went on quite messy and I had trouble distributing the color evenly. This gloss might be nice in a lighter shade of pink, but I wasn't feeling it in red. 

This fun little experiment reminded me that I don't have to drop tons of money on prestige beauty products. The drugstore really does have some great options! If I had to choose, my favorites would be both of the matte lipsticks. With such a bold color I really do prefer the matte finish, just to tone down the color and give it an edge. I will definitely be wearing these all winter long.

What are some of your favorite drugstore beauty buys?? We want to know!