Fashion month is officially upon us. It's so exciting to see what designers have dreamed up for us to look forward to in the upcoming season, but that's not the only reason I love following along with the action. One of my favorite things about fashion week is the hoards of street style shots that come along with it. From the industry insiders practically sprinting from show to show, to the stylish on-lookers who get caught candidly on camera, style and personal expression is at it's height. There's a certain essence and movement to these shots that simply can't be premeditated. 

You're sure to see lots of these street style shots flowing through my Pinterest feed over the next month. Below is one that I've pinned recently. I love this monochrome look with just a pop of red. The outfit is so simple, but the ribbed sweater and accordion pleated skirt give the look great texture. Grab the whole ensemble below for $145 and make the streets your runway. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 03.45.24.png

Pleated Skirts & Dresses

When I think about pleats ugly old man khakis and private school uniforms come to mind. However, this year I've started to see pleats in a whole new light.

Long, flowey pleated chiffon skirts, bright colored knee length skirts and origami pleated dresses have caught my attention.

Tell me, are you in love with pleats? Do you own any dresses or skirts? What are you pairing them with?

Creative Cotton

designhistorygrayCotton is a common fabric for a reason. It's breathable, comfortable, soft on the skin and easy to produce. This year stores are carrying simple tanks and tees with twists. It may be ruffles or braids or pleats, but whatever the embellishment is, it's creatively taking a staple wardrobe piece and adding some flair. Here are some tanks/tees I found on that I thought were cool. bailey44bbdakotabcbgmaxmaradesignhistorytankdevelopmentelijahdesignhistorylongsleevedesignhistorylayersfreepeopletanksgeneratankbcbgmaxazariatornracerback