I've expressed my love for maxi skirts before, but it seems I'm not alone in my admiration. The image below was pinned to my Spring Style board and has been getting lots of love. That's why I thought I'd show you how to re-create the look on a dime! A white lace blouse and a pink silk maxi skirt look flawless when paired together, but also make for super versatile pieces to buff up any spring wardrobe. Also, how cute are those brown heeled sandals? I can't believe the dupes I found at Forever 21 for just $30. In fact, with this whole look ringing in at just $126... there's no reason not to treat yourself. 


In today's fast paced fashion world it can be quite difficult to keep up with the latest trends. It's fun to play around with trendy clothes every once in a while, but it can be costly to do. This is why I love playing around with accessory trends. It's much easier to justify buying a trendy accessory than it is to shell out money for a trendy coat or dress that may soon be obsolete.

Lately I've been noticing lots of western belts being worn in different ways and I love the power they have to spice up a basic outfit. Transform a simple t-shirt dress by throwing on a floppy hat, a bandana neckerchief, and a western belt to achieve a laid-back cool girl vibe that's perfect for spring. They go great with cutout booties, too! In the Southwest, our thrift shops are brimming with loads of western inspired accessories, but this trend is all over stores if you look. You can find my favorites from ASOS below. 

Images from Pinterest. See more of my favorite trends here


Fashion month is officially upon us. It's so exciting to see what designers have dreamed up for us to look forward to in the upcoming season, but that's not the only reason I love following along with the action. One of my favorite things about fashion week is the hoards of street style shots that come along with it. From the industry insiders practically sprinting from show to show, to the stylish on-lookers who get caught candidly on camera, style and personal expression is at it's height. There's a certain essence and movement to these shots that simply can't be premeditated. 

You're sure to see lots of these street style shots flowing through my Pinterest feed over the next month. Below is one that I've pinned recently. I love this monochrome look with just a pop of red. The outfit is so simple, but the ribbed sweater and accordion pleated skirt give the look great texture. Grab the whole ensemble below for $145 and make the streets your runway. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 03.45.24.png


Love comes in many forms and fashions, and for a limited time so does the look of Diet Coke. There is beauty in diversity, and soon, for a limited time, you will be able to take your pick of 12 oz. Diet Coke glass bottles that are each unique in their own way just like you and me. Diet Coke is has been my go-to soda for years. It's the only soda I crave, and I love that I don't have to feel guilty about the calories. Everyone's Diet Coke experience is unique to them, and I'm showing you mine through my other love, fashion, as part of Diet Coke's IT'S MINE campaign.

I gravitated toward this bottle because of how vibrant it was. It looks as if it's dripping wet from a rainbow, and so I immediately thought of this chiffon dress I have. It embodies the abstract art of the bottle and the silk chiffon moves effortlessly in the wind. I can't wait for spring and summer so I can wear it as a dress alone, but for now I have styled it with a long white sweater to create the illusion of separates. 

One color that I am looking forward to wearing more of this spring is lavender. I know that pale pink seems to be the "it" color, but in keeping with the pastel trend, lavender is more complementary to olive skin. And just like I love the specs of lavender in my floral blazer, I loved the hue on the Diet Coke bottle too.

But the reality is it's still winter, so one of my go to outfits is this rust, knit turtleneck paired with classic jeans. This bottle of Diet Coke feels SO me because it too has this rusty hue along with mint green. It's almost like an old lucky penny you always keep with you. If you come into my home you'll find these colors everywhere. 

So, what bottle is uniquely you? Share how you would put together your own IT'S MINE look with Diet Coke in the comments below and you could win your very own Diet Coke IT'S MINE style kit including a unique IT'S MINE bottle and one of my wardrobe must-have's for the ultimate look. The content will be open until February 10, 2016. A winner will be declared in the comments below on February 11, 2016 at 12pm MST and notified by email. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer.

Three Dresses for Five Days: Simple White


There's an allure to a simple white dress, but so often I have avoided wearing one. Other than my wedding day, I don't think I have ever owned or worn a white dress. Someone once told me that white makes women look bigger, and I think since then I have avoided the color all together. I also manage to stain almost every white piece of clothing I own, and so it's just not a practical color for a mom on the go.

That was all until I wore the Sienna dress by Kokoon...I just love it too much, AND you know what? It's machine washable. Ding! Ding! I can just bleach it if it gets stained. It doesn't wrinkle either because of the knit textile. Hallelujah!

The raglan sleeve detail makes this simple white dress perfect for weekend hangs with my family. You can wear it with wedges or sandals, but I loved wearing my white chucks to make my outfit even more casual. Add a denim jacket to keep you warm during the spring nights, and you are set for a Saturday in style.


Have I made you re-think your white fabric hesitation? Keep checking back every day this week to see how I only need three dresses for five days of the week.

This post is sponsored by Kokoon. Photos by Katina Patriquin.