I've expressed my love for maxi skirts before, but it seems I'm not alone in my admiration. The image below was pinned to my Spring Style board and has been getting lots of love. That's why I thought I'd show you how to re-create the look on a dime! A white lace blouse and a pink silk maxi skirt look flawless when paired together, but also make for super versatile pieces to buff up any spring wardrobe. Also, how cute are those brown heeled sandals? I can't believe the dupes I found at Forever 21 for just $30. In fact, with this whole look ringing in at just $126... there's no reason not to treat yourself. 


This post is for all of you ladies that never know what to wear and who stare at their closet and stress out. When I want to feel pretty and feminine but I don't have any energy to think about putting an outfit together I reach for a pleated maxi skirt and a t-shirt. That's it. End of story. You will look great and in style with that outfit. 

You can chase after your kids in this outfit, especially if you wear flats. If you didn't do your hair that day you can throw on a hat or put it up in a bun. And, you don't even need to accessorize with jewelry if you don't want to. With the minimalist trend in full force you don't even need to wear jewelry right now. Plus, this is definitely and outfit that can transition to a date night with your beaux.

Usually, I'm sporting a diaper bag these days, so I LOVE, love the new Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper clutches. It has a wipes case, changing pad and plenty of room for a onesie, some makeup, my keys and wallet. Even when I don't have Levi I take this clutch with me because it's so cute. But, seriously, any bag would do with this outfit.

If you like color in your closet I suggest this Goldie's wine color maxi skirt. It's only $39 and made in the U.S. If you are color shy, you can always opt for a black skirt and pair it with a white, black or gray t-shirt and look great too.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer

Wrap Skirts


I love wrap skirts and dresses. Ever since my mom told me who Diane Von Furstenberg was and showed me her famous wrap dress I have been hooked. There is one problem with average wrap dress...It can come unwrapped easily. My guess is that most women probably don't want to show the world what's underneath their skirt or dress. I know I don't! skirtblog2

That's why I love this Free People wrap skirt I found at Frances. It has a short mini skirt underneath to make sure you don't see your undies. Plus, the design creates a sexy high-low illusion when you sit down or when the wind blows. Otherwise, it looks like a normal maxi skirt.


I paired this skirt with a simple black t-shirt, my H&M leather jacket and my new shoes from For warmer days you can loose the jacket and add a hat to accessorize further.

Get the look: Shirt, skirt, jacket, shoes, hat; Photos by Kym Ventola