I've expressed my love for maxi skirts before, but it seems I'm not alone in my admiration. The image below was pinned to my Spring Style board and has been getting lots of love. That's why I thought I'd show you how to re-create the look on a dime! A white lace blouse and a pink silk maxi skirt look flawless when paired together, but also make for super versatile pieces to buff up any spring wardrobe. Also, how cute are those brown heeled sandals? I can't believe the dupes I found at Forever 21 for just $30. In fact, with this whole look ringing in at just $126... there's no reason not to treat yourself. 


To me there's nothing sexier than an off-the-shoulder top or dress. Some women like to show a little cleavage, some like to show some leg and me...Well, I like to showcase my shoulders. It makes me feel feminine, sexy and it's modest. 

I love this easy, femme outfit of an off-the-shoulder top, midi skirt and hat for fall. I styled this last fall for part of a workshop led by Ale Vidal. This look is still current this year. It's still in the 80's here in Arizona, but if it's chilly in your neck of the woods you can easily add a denim jacket or leather jacket along with some boots to warm it up.

Get a similar outfit: off the shoulder black top, midi skirt, hat, shoes, bag

Photography: Ale Vidal
Styling: Alex Evjen, AVE Styles
Makeup: Stephanie Neiheisel, SN Makeup Artist
Hair: Jessica Gallegos
Model: Agency AZ

White Lace

Trend alert! White lace is popping up everywhere. The ultra feminine fabric is ushering in spring and summer in stores like J.Crew and H&M. I've never really been a huge lace fan mostly because my style is simple and clean. And WHITE lace...Well, until now, I've only worn it on my wedding dress, but for some reason I'm really diggin' this pure and flirty fashion statement.

I'm thinking my Easter dress is going to be right up this alley.

Here is some inspiration to get you on the band wagon...

Photos: Unknown, ASOS, Fashion Kingdom, unknown, Because I'm addicted

Lovely Lace

I'm not sure if it was the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress that really set the lace trend in motion or not...Last year it was fairly popular, but this summer lace has EXPLODED!

I've definitely jumped on the train, and recently purchased a tan lace top from Buffalo Exchange. I'm not sure my craving has been completely quenched though. A gorgeous lace dress or lace tights (more realistic for my budget) are on my list.

Do you like this trend? If so, what lace item are you wanting?

Victorian Inspired

victorianIt looks like Victorian inspired clothing is going to be big for Fall 2009. Anna Sui has centered her Fall 2009 collection around the era, and I'm liking it! What are your thoughts on bringing back the era? Too much lace and ruffles?