Victorian Inspired

victorianIt looks like Victorian inspired clothing is going to be big for Fall 2009. Anna Sui has centered her Fall 2009 collection around the era, and I'm liking it! What are your thoughts on bringing back the era? Too much lace and ruffles?


leannemarshal_fall2009collection_mainProject Runway winner, Leanne Marshall, has come out with a new collection for Fall 2009. She definitely has stayed true to herself and created architectural pieces, but with a little glam... I like this new collection better than the one she debuted on Project Runway because she didn't use muted colors. Instead she incorporated metallics and rich purples. What are your thoughts?


Fur Fan?

dolceandgabbanafall09I've grown up with the mindset of never purchasing or supporting clothing that uses fur from animals that are solely bread for the purpose of fashion. Colorful furs are a big trend for Fall 2009, but you won't see me partaking in that because of my personal convictions and because I don't have a boat load of money to drop. Why doesn't everyone just do faux fur?

You may be thinking to yourself, "But what about leather, Alex?" Leather goods aren't a problem with me because the animal wasn't bread for just clothing. People also use cows for meat to nourish people and for other things.

What are your thoughts on fur and leather? Do you have a hard time justifying your purchase sometimes?