Project Runway Season 7

I don't know what planet I have been on, but after getting my daily dose of E! I saw that Project Runway is returning this Thursday on Lifetime! EEEEEK! I'm so excited, especially since I feel like I'm in my own episode at the moment. This season is back in New York City at Parsons and with the original judges.

After reading the profiles of the designers, watching their videos and looking through their closets (all available on the Project Runway website), I'm going to pick my top three and see what happens with them. Keep reading to see who they are and share your top three.

Not in any particular order...

1. Amy 2. Maya 3. Seth

IIDA Couture Competition

IIDA_021209_0434Well, I've entered my very own Project Runway challenge along with seven other Arizona architecture professionals - the Southwest Chapter of  the International Interior Design Association's 2010 Couture Competition!!! I'm SO excited for this opportunity to work alongside creative professionals that are passionate about fashion and design. Keep reading for details and video of last year's runway show... The challenge is to use interior design materials from your assigned sponsor, ours is Sherwin Williams, to create a couture look within the given theme and color palette. The theme this year is southwest and our color palette consists of earth tones such as sage green, tans, golds and pale blues...every team has a different sponsor and different color palettes.

Most other teams were matched with sponsors that manufacture carpet and other textiles, but we got paint. We already have some cool ideas though! I can't post about our ideas or the process until we're finished, but we're all pumped.

Each team gets to send their winning look down the runway at the Phoenix Art Museum this February. Below, is video from last year's competition. Over 600 people attended! Wish us luck!

Project Runway All-Stars

20090714_0906This morning I woke up from a blissful sleep because last night I watched three full hours of Project Runway!!! My sister-in-law, Nicky and I are die-hard fans of the show. (We're currently in the process of converting our soon-to-be sister-in-law Yasmine too...we initiated her last night. haha.) However as much as I adore the show and it's new location (FIDM), it always makes me angry that my favorites end up as runner ups... Last night was yet another example of frustration...Daniel won the all-star challenge (blah) and Korto was the runner up...grrrr! Granted, Daniel's clothes were innovative and displayed great attention to detail, but Korto's designs are wearable, chic and well-made. Not to mention, her restaurant look (made of only materials found in a restaurant) was SO creative. Here are the looks below...Who do you think should have won?


Project Runway's Sister Show

mor1-celine-photos-work1Project Runway has launched a sister show called, "Models of the Runway," premiering on August 20, 2009 on Lifetime. The show is a look at Project Runway from the model's perspective. (Hmmm...I'm intrigued). The models are still competing to be paired with the winner of Project Runway, but the prize is a lot more this year. $25,000 cash, a spread in Marie Claire and a special prize from L'Oreal Skin Genesis.

When I first read the blurb that there was going to be another modeling show I rolled my eyes, but the fact that the whole show is another look at Project Runway and the designers could potentially separate this show from Top Model, etc. Regardless, you know I'm going to watch it.

Oh...almost forgot...I watched one episode of The Fashion Show to give it a chance...and that's the only episode I've wanted to see. Anyone else have the same thoughts?