IIDA Couture Competition

IIDA_021209_0434Well, I've entered my very own Project Runway challenge along with seven other Arizona architecture professionals - the Southwest Chapter of  the International Interior Design Association's 2010 Couture Competition!!! I'm SO excited for this opportunity to work alongside creative professionals that are passionate about fashion and design. Keep reading for details and video of last year's runway show... The challenge is to use interior design materials from your assigned sponsor, ours is Sherwin Williams, to create a couture look within the given theme and color palette. The theme this year is southwest and our color palette consists of earth tones such as sage green, tans, golds and pale blues...every team has a different sponsor and different color palettes.

Most other teams were matched with sponsors that manufacture carpet and other textiles, but we got paint. We already have some cool ideas though! I can't post about our ideas or the process until we're finished, but we're all pumped.

Each team gets to send their winning look down the runway at the Phoenix Art Museum this February. Below, is video from last year's competition. Over 600 people attended! Wish us luck!

Phoenix Art Museum's Fashion Exhibit

Even though Phoenix has a long way to go in bringing their fine arts up to par with San Fracisco, New York, Boston, Chicago, Houston (the list goes on)... I must say, however, that the Phoenix Art Museum is one of my favorite local gems. The space is incredible, and they do a wonderful job bringing in exciting and fun exhibits. On February 21, 2009, the museum will be hosting and exhibition entitled, "Medievalism - Fashion's Romance with the Middle Ages." It looks pretty awesome! Here's a brief description from the art museum's website. "Featuring over 40 ensembles, accessories and rare books, this exhibition will show medieval influences on fashion designs of the early 19th century through current collections. From Mariano Fortuny’s luxurious velvet gowns to John Galliano’s haute couture armor for Christian Dior to current Gothic street style, this fanciful installation brings together fashions that evoke the sumptuous textures and elegant, flowing lines that capture the medieval spirit."

Anyone want to go with me?