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One trend I found myself drawn to without even realizing it is "the knot." Ruched dresses, boxy skirts, and sleek blouses are all being tied up into knots. The soft gathering of fabric this creates is ultra flattering, no matter your body type. The gathers typically accentuate the waist, but some are placed to create more volume on top, while others are fitted and flare out into a peplum.

My search for the perfect new spring dress came to a halt this past week at GAP, and the dress just so happened to be in line with this new trend. The vertical stripes and dark navy are a slimming combination, while the tie sits comfortably around the waist creating a flattering silhouette. By now you know I'm a fan of shirt dresses, but the wrap waist and knot detailing take this closet classic to a whole new level. 

For more ways to wear this trend, here's some inspiration: 

Stylish & Sustainable Clothing


When I think of eco-friendly and sustainable clothing I think of solid colored t-shirts and linen dresses. I think eco-friendly fashion has gotten a bad reputation even though it's purpose is good. Not only do many of the clothes lack interesting design that is relevant to fashion trends, but they can extremely pricey.

Synergy Organic Clothing came on my radar through Instagram, and right away I realized that this clothing company not only creates sustainable fashion, but they have a LOT of styles to choose from. Plus, their prices are affordable. They defy the stereotype.


Synergy let me pick out a dress and it has become my new favorite dress.  Why?

1. Perfect fit 2. Machine washable 3. Very stylish and comfortable 4. Respects the planet

Every person wants to check those boxes when buying something, so go check out Synergy Organic Clothing. 

Photos by Amy Frances Photography

Ikat Print

Ikat, or ikkat, is a popular summer print right now, and if you're like me you may be asking yourself, "So how do you pronounce this correctly?"

Here you go..."ee-kot."

This special dying technique is somewhat similar to tie-dye, and creates soft, colorful prints that have an African and South American vibe.

I definitely love this print for home accents and can't get over the DKNY Ikat dress at the very end. To. Die. For.

Lovely Lace

I'm not sure if it was the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress that really set the lace trend in motion or not...Last year it was fairly popular, but this summer lace has EXPLODED!

I've definitely jumped on the train, and recently purchased a tan lace top from Buffalo Exchange. I'm not sure my craving has been completely quenched though. A gorgeous lace dress or lace tights (more realistic for my budget) are on my list.

Do you like this trend? If so, what lace item are you wanting?

All That Glitters

sequinsI remember being a kid and loving anything that sparkled. Then I learned that sequins were tacky after the early 90's ended and we haven't really seen them come back without that stigma until now. Add some glitter to your closet this fall with some sequined shoes, dress or top. I promise, it won't be considered tacky.