Stylish & Sustainable Clothing


When I think of eco-friendly and sustainable clothing I think of solid colored t-shirts and linen dresses. I think eco-friendly fashion has gotten a bad reputation even though it's purpose is good. Not only do many of the clothes lack interesting design that is relevant to fashion trends, but they can extremely pricey.

Synergy Organic Clothing came on my radar through Instagram, and right away I realized that this clothing company not only creates sustainable fashion, but they have a LOT of styles to choose from. Plus, their prices are affordable. They defy the stereotype.


Synergy let me pick out a dress and it has become my new favorite dress.  Why?

1. Perfect fit 2. Machine washable 3. Very stylish and comfortable 4. Respects the planet

Every person wants to check those boxes when buying something, so go check out Synergy Organic Clothing. 

Photos by Amy Frances Photography

Eco Friendly Shoes

The process of manufacturing clothes and shoes can be very harmful to our environment. Building emissions is the number one player in pollution, not to mention the dyes used to create apparel. I am a big believer that sustainability should be part every company's business practice and the fashion industry is no exception. is a website where you can purchase footwear that is gentle on the environment and some items that are animal cruelty free/vegan. You will only find sneakers and casual shoes for men, women and kids on this site, but none-the-less there are some really cool tennis shoes. Click to see some examples...