Sustainable Statements


Let me introduce you to Elk. They are an Australian based apparel and accessory company that focuses on great design and sustainable practices. Elk only produces two collections a year ensuring that their clothing is of the highest quality and well-designed. All of the wood that is used in their accessories comes from sustainable timber sources, and almost every other material is locally sourced reducing the amount of energy and gas it takes to ship materials. They are automatically cool in my book because of their eco-friendly practices, and their style is icing on the cake. This wooden, beaded necklace is a new favorite of mine. It makes such a statement! You would think it's really heavy, but the wooden beads keeps the necklace nice and light.


I've worn it with my chambray shirt to dress up a classic closet staple, but I love how it completes the boho vibe of this Ted Baker outfit.

Go check out Elk's latest collection of accessories and apparel. They also create pieces for men, so make sure to shop for your boy too.

Photos by Liz E Studio

Eco Friendly Shoes

The process of manufacturing clothes and shoes can be very harmful to our environment. Building emissions is the number one player in pollution, not to mention the dyes used to create apparel. I am a big believer that sustainability should be part every company's business practice and the fashion industry is no exception. is a website where you can purchase footwear that is gentle on the environment and some items that are animal cruelty free/vegan. You will only find sneakers and casual shoes for men, women and kids on this site, but none-the-less there are some really cool tennis shoes. Click to see some examples...