It's not secret that the Arizona winters are mild. You can usually expect the lows to be in the 50's or 60's and the highs to be in the 70's or 80's. Dressing your kids comfortably for the weather is important, but it also takes some planning when it comes to 20 degree changes throughout the day. The key is layering. 

Elle's outfit usually goes something like this: Jeggings or leggings paired with a long sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt over it (sometimes) and then a jacket or puffer vest on top. She also loves to wear tunics or dresses over leggings. Buying a heavy winter jacket isn't necessary in Arizona unless you are going to travel up North and hit the slopes.

That said, having coordinating layers can be a challenge. So, when you find a piece of outerwear like this reversible puffer vest by Appaman you snatch it up as fast as you can. It's fuzzy white one side and a lovely fall merlot on the other. It's not devoid of color, and yet it's neutral.

Denim, of course, is the most neutral fabric and color we can own too. So, in addition to those jeggings or jeans you buy for your kiddo, think about a denim dress like this or shirt too. Any color of leggings or pattern of leggings can go under them.

Pink is Elle's favorite color, and I love this dusty pink long-sleeve shirt for her because she is happy to wear it and the neutral hue goes with a lot of the clothes she already has. Elle has become more vocal about what colors and styles she wants to wear. Pink and purple are her favorites right now, so when I find a pretty top that we both like it's like I've scored a goal.

Bringing them all together I can create multiple outfits.

  1. Dress over leggings with the puffer vest
  2. Long-sleeve shirt underneath the dress with leggings
  3. Long-sleeve shirt over dress with leggings (that way it looks like a top and a skirt
  4. Jeggings with shirt and vest

You can find more stylish fall and winter wear on Appaman.com. All of the clothes in these photos except for the black leggings are from Appaman.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; product provided by Appaman


Love comes in many forms and fashions, and for a limited time so does the look of Diet Coke. There is beauty in diversity, and soon, for a limited time, you will be able to take your pick of 12 oz. Diet Coke glass bottles that are each unique in their own way just like you and me. Diet Coke is has been my go-to soda for years. It's the only soda I crave, and I love that I don't have to feel guilty about the calories. Everyone's Diet Coke experience is unique to them, and I'm showing you mine through my other love, fashion, as part of Diet Coke's IT'S MINE campaign.

I gravitated toward this bottle because of how vibrant it was. It looks as if it's dripping wet from a rainbow, and so I immediately thought of this chiffon dress I have. It embodies the abstract art of the bottle and the silk chiffon moves effortlessly in the wind. I can't wait for spring and summer so I can wear it as a dress alone, but for now I have styled it with a long white sweater to create the illusion of separates. 

One color that I am looking forward to wearing more of this spring is lavender. I know that pale pink seems to be the "it" color, but in keeping with the pastel trend, lavender is more complementary to olive skin. And just like I love the specs of lavender in my floral blazer, I loved the hue on the Diet Coke bottle too.

But the reality is it's still winter, so one of my go to outfits is this rust, knit turtleneck paired with classic jeans. This bottle of Diet Coke feels SO me because it too has this rusty hue along with mint green. It's almost like an old lucky penny you always keep with you. If you come into my home you'll find these colors everywhere. 

So, what bottle is uniquely you? Share how you would put together your own IT'S MINE look with Diet Coke in the comments below and you could win your very own Diet Coke IT'S MINE style kit including a unique IT'S MINE bottle and one of my wardrobe must-have's for the ultimate look. The content will be open until February 10, 2016. A winner will be declared in the comments below on February 11, 2016 at 12pm MST and notified by email. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer.


Every year I look forward to the cooler months where I can finally break out my cozy sweaters, boots and scarves, but after a month or so of wearing these clothes I start to crave color. You see, it seems to me that every pair of boots is either black or brown and every winter coat is also black or brown. Add a bunch of jeans and black leggings to the mix, and you have quite the boring color palette. 

So, what's my solution? Throw some red pants and patterned shoes into the mix. You can find pumps and flats in a variety of colors. I especially love these black and white houndstooth pumps from Land's End. The block heel makes them super comfy to walk in, and they are great for dressing up a casual weekend outfit or for wearing with a dress to church.

I am also obsessed with HUE leggings. After having Levi, stretchy pants are what I live in until I can fit back into my jeans. These red jeggings are festive and stylish. They sure pack a bunch in a sea of black and brown. 

If you're nervous as to how to wear these bold winter fashion statements, just remember to keep what's on top simple. A black tank and blazer is totally acceptable when they bottom half of you is so bright. Try it and get out of your black and brown winter rut.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer ; product was sponsored by Land's End for this post.