Call it wishful thinking, but I'm hoping to soon break out my long sleeve blouse and boot ensembles. Being covered head to toe can be a bit intimidating, especially in all black, but this lovely pin inspired me to embrace the off-the-shoulder trend this fall as a way of giving my eyes (and shoulders) some room to breathe. Off-the-shoulder tees and blouses have become practically as common on the streets as your average button down, so I'm happy to add it as a staple to my closet. Thigh high boots used to be reserved for superheroes and the super sexy, but I love adding a delicate ruffle to a sharper look to add a touch of femininity. 


The first time I had ever heard of a poncho was when I got stuck in the rain on a class field trip and we had to turn trash bags into rain ponchos. Did you ever do that? Yeah, it's not attractive in the slightest. Maybe that early experience is to blame, but I don't really think of ponchos as a fashion must-have.


However, this winter they are definitely a trend worth trying. It has been three months since I gave birth to Levi, and I'm still avoiding tight clothes. This sweater poncho is the perfect fashion statement. It's elegant and it keeps me warm. I simply wear it with a pair of black leggings or jeggings and a great pair of shoes.

The thing about these ponchos, however is that they can get in the way when you are carrying a baby or bending over a lot. It's definitely a lot of fabric to handle. If you have little ones that you are constantly helping, I would say leave this for a date night out.

Get the look: Sweater poncho, leggings, boots


Every year I look forward to the cooler months where I can finally break out my cozy sweaters, boots and scarves, but after a month or so of wearing these clothes I start to crave color. You see, it seems to me that every pair of boots is either black or brown and every winter coat is also black or brown. Add a bunch of jeans and black leggings to the mix, and you have quite the boring color palette. 

So, what's my solution? Throw some red pants and patterned shoes into the mix. You can find pumps and flats in a variety of colors. I especially love these black and white houndstooth pumps from Land's End. The block heel makes them super comfy to walk in, and they are great for dressing up a casual weekend outfit or for wearing with a dress to church.

I am also obsessed with HUE leggings. After having Levi, stretchy pants are what I live in until I can fit back into my jeans. These red jeggings are festive and stylish. They sure pack a bunch in a sea of black and brown. 

If you're nervous as to how to wear these bold winter fashion statements, just remember to keep what's on top simple. A black tank and blazer is totally acceptable when they bottom half of you is so bright. Try it and get out of your black and brown winter rut.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer ; product was sponsored by Land's End for this post.


In need of a new go-to fall look? This week we’re swooning over the subtle menswear influences from this chic pin. I love the way her classic oxfords and cream blazer are paired with more bohemian accessories like her floppy hat and suede booties. (Although, the look would be just as cute with loafers or a menswear fedora!) This just proves how important it is to have great, flattering basic pieces in your closet that can be styled with whatever you’re feeling at the moment. Don’t be afraid to do something unexpected.