The first time I had ever heard of a poncho was when I got stuck in the rain on a class field trip and we had to turn trash bags into rain ponchos. Did you ever do that? Yeah, it's not attractive in the slightest. Maybe that early experience is to blame, but I don't really think of ponchos as a fashion must-have.


However, this winter they are definitely a trend worth trying. It has been three months since I gave birth to Levi, and I'm still avoiding tight clothes. This sweater poncho is the perfect fashion statement. It's elegant and it keeps me warm. I simply wear it with a pair of black leggings or jeggings and a great pair of shoes.

The thing about these ponchos, however is that they can get in the way when you are carrying a baby or bending over a lot. It's definitely a lot of fabric to handle. If you have little ones that you are constantly helping, I would say leave this for a date night out.

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