Marilyn always said, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," but honestly the only diamonds I wear are on my wedding band. It's not because I don't like them because Lord knows I would wear them if I had more, but I have never had the budget to be a collector of the finer things in life. That's until Shane Co. started making some stunning fashion pieces at great prices. I'm excited to team up with Shane Co. again to share with you some special jewelry that you can wear every day without breaking the bank.

First things first, diamond studs. They are a classic piece of jewelry that has been missing from my wardrobe, and my kids won't pull on them! I love that they go with everything. I don't ever have to take them out.

This diamond fashion ring is a stunner. It's unique in it's shape, but, again, it goes with everything, feels comfortable on my hand and it can't come off easily. 

Long necklaces are pretty much out of the question right now since Levi has started teething, but this shorter silver piece with a pearl also goes with everything and has so much meaning behind it. I love that the design showcases a mother and child, and is a daily reminded of the special role I have as a mom. 

Bracelets have always been hard for me to fit because I have tiny wrists. I also find them annoying when I'm typing or writing, but wearing ones that are made up of links with some diamonds thrown in...It pretty much throws all of my discouragements out the window. 

What I also love about wearing nice, quality jewelry like these pieces from Shane Co. is that I know I can pass them down to Elle and Levi when they are older. They truly are treasures that we can have in our family for generations to come, and I know the costume jewelry I buy at other stores won't always last forever. 

And, by the way, yes, these are white pants and I'm holding a baby. You can do it! Just keep a bottle of bleach close by. haha! You can get find this chambray shirt and these denim cropped pants at Alixandra Collections. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer

Three Dresses for Five Days: Simple White


There's an allure to a simple white dress, but so often I have avoided wearing one. Other than my wedding day, I don't think I have ever owned or worn a white dress. Someone once told me that white makes women look bigger, and I think since then I have avoided the color all together. I also manage to stain almost every white piece of clothing I own, and so it's just not a practical color for a mom on the go.

That was all until I wore the Sienna dress by Kokoon...I just love it too much, AND you know what? It's machine washable. Ding! Ding! I can just bleach it if it gets stained. It doesn't wrinkle either because of the knit textile. Hallelujah!

The raglan sleeve detail makes this simple white dress perfect for weekend hangs with my family. You can wear it with wedges or sandals, but I loved wearing my white chucks to make my outfit even more casual. Add a denim jacket to keep you warm during the spring nights, and you are set for a Saturday in style.


Have I made you re-think your white fabric hesitation? Keep checking back every day this week to see how I only need three dresses for five days of the week.

This post is sponsored by Kokoon. Photos by Katina Patriquin.