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When fall fashion season starts I do a little happy dance because that means it's boot wearin' time! As excited I get to buy new fall shoes, I hate the process of shoe shopping. It's frustrating for size 10, narrow, flat footed people. So, I do all of my shoe shopping online with Zappos now. It's fast, easy and the online reviews help so much in determining what size is best. In fact, I've teamed up with Zappos and LuckyBrand to share with you my favorite picks and how I style them on the daily.

Not only have I learned to shop exclusively online for shoes, but I've learned to stick with a couple tried and true brands that I know fit me well. Comfort is just as high of a priority as style to me, so LuckyBrand is a go-to for me. Their leather quality is wonderful and their styles always match my west coast easy style.

I have several booties in my shoe collection already, but I just can't resist buying a black and brown pair each year. This year I chose black leather booties with a slightly pointed toe (Eesa style) and toffee colored suede wedge booties (Yamina style).


My daily outfits no matter if it's during the week or weekend usually involve some kind of denim and simple color palettes. I just spoke at Say Hi Society about Pinterest, and I wore my gray blazer, jeans, a black t-shirt and these Eesa boots. I felt comfortable and confident the whole time.

I'm also loving head to toe blue these days. Blue hues are a huge color trend for fall. Though I don't mind mixing black and navy, brown just complements blue so well and gives that fall vibe you can't miss. The Yamina style is great for miles of walking because the wedge style is supportive for your feet. I've been wearing them while I play with the kids, shop and work, and I love that the suede material makes them wearable well into the spring.


If you're in the market for new boots definitely give these a try. You can easily purchase them on Zappos with free shipping and easy free returns. They come in just 3-5 business days too! Let me know what you think!

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Well, December is upon us and winter is in full effect. My Pinterest feed is full of holiday musings, hearty recipes, and of course some killer winter fashion. Oh how I love this season.

I pinned the image below to my Winter Style board and it got an overwhelming response from all of you. I love this look because it's simple with only 4 pieces, but all of them are great on-trend winter staples. First, the boots. Thigh high boots are one of the sexiest winter shoe options around and they're great because they enable you to still wear your little dresses without your legs freezing. And to pair perfectly with your thigh highs, we have chunky sweater dresses. Perfect for running errands with leggings underneath but also easily dressed up for a holiday party. You'll also be noticing a lot of blanket coats out there. Some are poncho style, but the ones pictured below give you the same look with a little more functionality. Lastly, winter is the time for quilted leather. Thanks to Chanel, there are a ton of these cute quilted cross body bags for sale in just about every fast fashion store.

We all know there's a ton of extra expenses that pop up during the holiday season. Save some money on your winter style by shopping smart, and get through your holiday gift giving all the merrier. We know you can find your look for less!

Look for Less #5

Wear Your Gym Clothes All Day and Look Stylish


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Let's be honest...Sometimes what can keep us from the gym is simply the fact that we have errands to run before and after our workout, and we don't want to look a hot mess. I totally get it, and getting sweaty and stinky can definitely be an inconvenience, especially when you're in a time crunch. So, I thought I'd share with you how I wear my gym leggings and sports bra while running around before the gym. To help, I've included before and after photos. After this post you won't have an excuse not to hit the gym!

View More: http://sarahgray.pass.us/avemtnside
View More: http://sarahgray.pass.us/avemtnside

When I wear my gym leggings I also choose boots and a tunic top to wear along with them. You could also choose a long sweater as well, and look fall ready in a snap. I don't wear too much makeup because I don't like to workout with a ton of product on my face. So, I simply wear tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush, eye primer, mascara and lipstick. You are set for the day and in style.

View More: http://sarahgray.pass.us/avemtnside
View More: http://sarahgray.pass.us/avemtnside

When I get to the gym all i have to do is change my shoes and my top.

View More: http://sarahgray.pass.us/avemtnside
View More: http://sarahgray.pass.us/avemtnside

After my workout I'm all sweaty, but I don't always have time to take a shower and do my hair. This might sound really gross to you, but I blow dry the sweat out of my hair. It acts as natural sea salt spray and gives me a ton of volume. I just go back through with dry shampoo to make sure I'm not too stinky. If you carry face wipes with you, just go ahead and wipe your face, armpits and chest with them and then apply some body spray and deodorant. Then apply your 2 minute face like I mentioned above.

View More: http://sarahgray.pass.us/avemtnside
View More: http://sarahgray.pass.us/avemtnside
View More: http://sarahgray.pass.us/avemtnside
View More: http://sarahgray.pass.us/avemtnside

Lastly, put your other top and shoes back on, and you're set to go run more errands or even meet friends for dinner.

View More: http://sarahgray.pass.us/avemtnside
View More: http://sarahgray.pass.us/avemtnside

My Uniform


Sometimes there are just days where you don't have time to think about your outfit. All you have time for is hopping in the shower, putting a touch of makeup on and making sure you aren't naked. If I'm really honest, there are even days when dry shampoo is such a lifesaver because I don't even have time for a shower. (That might be TMI, but what I can I say...It's true). On those days I rely on my uniform of a button down shirt, jeans and a great pair of shoes. It's classic, it's comfortable and it's stylish.

I highly recommend identifying an easy "uniform" for yourself. Maybe it's a couple day dresses that fit well...Or maybe it's a plain t-shirt and maxi skirt...Whatever it is just make sure you feel really confident when wearing it and it's easy to put together.

Get the look: shirt, jeans, shoes.

2005-01-20 15.48.10

Fall Shoes

Having size 10 narrow, flat feet makes shoe shopping a drag most of the time, but that doesn't stop me from ogling all of the new fall shoe collections. I especially have a secret love affair with boots. Ankle boots, calf length boots, over-the-knee boots...I love them and have them all. And, I want more...Here are my picks for fall footwear. Some are just dreams and others, well, may wind up in my closet soon.


Which ones are your favorites?

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