Color Forecast for 2013

2013. Wow! I can't believe a new year is almost here. A lot of change happened in one year, and there is much to celebrate. Who knows what a new year will bring, but one thing I know for sure is that we have some beautiful colors to look forward to. Pantone always releases spring and fall color forecasts, and this spring we can keep our eyes peeled for shades of green, navy blue and lavender. Of course, they like to assign fancy name such as African Violet and Monaco Blue, but who can remember those right?

I personally feel that lavender and navy will be the hot colors of the spring and summer. For a little proof to back up my predictions, check out the images below. These are some of my top pins this year, and what do they all contain? Lavender and navy. haha! What colors do you think will be popular? Do you agree with my prediction?