Quinn Styled

The first time I ever had my makeup and hair done for photos was when I got my senior pictures taken. It was ten years ago, and I remember wearing different outfits and going around Houston finding cool photo spots. Of course, I had to take a picture with my clarinet because I thought that was so cool. Bahahaa!

High school seniors are waaay cooler now or maybe I have always just been a big dork. Quinn, for example, is this awesome senior at Sunnyslope High School ready to jump into theater performance. She decided to get her pictures taken a record store. How awesome is that?! We took some at her house too, but a record store is a killer location for any senior high school student. Sara Nevels did an awesome job capturing her spirit. Tina Burnham did her hair and makeup, and of course, I helped her choose her outfits.

We chose a sophisticated shirt dress and bright flats for her pictures at home. For the record store, a patterned scarf, a bright button down top and a cardigan.

I loved how everything turned out. I only wish my senior pictures were as cool as hers!