Couture Update

IMG_0160 Okay, just because I am DYING to show you guys our progress with the couture competition, I'm giving you guys a sneak peak into the design process. The images I'm sharing with you are from charrettes (brainstorming sessions) and are not where we landed, but the process has been pretty cool.

Through this process I have learned that creativity really happens when you are limited with your resources. I would rather be limited with construction materials than have the whole world at my finger tips because the latter isn't reality and innovation happens best with limitation. Do you agree?

We are limited to only items sold by Sherwin Williams - canvas, cheese cloth, paint samples, paint, masks, brushes, etc. Not to mention, a specific color scheme. The sketches that follow are initial thoughts from different individuals on the team. A couple of them are mine so you can get an idea of my style. We had to decide on whether we were designing for a man or woman, a dress/skirt/pants/jacket, avant garde or practical, etc.