To Cut or Not To cut? That is the question!

n10021805_35868618_79351I did the stereotypical thing and started growing out my hair when I got engaged, but I didn't do the second stereotypical post-wedding thing and chop if off afterwards. I've held onto my long hair for almost two years after my wedding. So, I'm thinking it's about time to cut it off. However, although I don't do it very often, I like to know that I have the option of braiding my hair, doing fun buns, etc. So, I'm going back and forth....Not to mention, everyone seems to be growing out their hair since the trend of bobs was more of a 2008 thing. Then again, when have I ever followed the hair trend. What do you think?

This is my hair now...(Pardon the x-ray vision glasses. I'm a superhero at night. Got to pay the bills ya know?!)n10021805_43292560_3417 n10021805_43301622_9612





Here's my celebrity inspiration haircut that I'm contemplating...Hilary Burton. Yes, I still watch One Tree Hill (have since the beginning. Peyton is my favorite character) and I love it! I have very curly hair, especially when it gets shorter, but I want my hair to still look cute with a blowout. Like it or keep it long? ab5one-tree-hill50hilarie_burton_9_8_2