Details to Remember When Preparing for a Photo Shoot

I just had my maternity shoot with Gina Meola (sneek peak), and it reminded me to pass on little details that can really help make your photos a touch better.

1. Paint your nails - When a photographer poses you chances are your hands or feet are in the photo too. A pop of pretty color that is complementary to your outfit choice can be just the tiny trick to bring everything together.

2. Crest Whitening Strips - They really do work! A couple days before the shoot whiten your teeth a bit with some strips. It'll make your smile sparkle all of the more.

3. A flip of the hair - Just before the camera starts clicking away, flip your hair upside down and rub your fingers quickly along your scalp to give your hair some volume.

4. Dry Cleaning or Steaming - Dry clean or steam all of your clothes that you are going to wear for your photo session. It will ensure picture perfection.

5. Clean your jewelry - Grab an old tooth brush, some warm water and soap and clean those earring, rings and necklaces so that they sparkle in the light.

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