Fall 2012 Trend Watch

As I mentioned last week, stores are getting rid of their summer clothes to make room for pre-fall collections. Can you believe it?! So, what can you expect to see? Well, I was just chatting with a friend, and I mentioned to her that fashion has really gone in many directions this past year and will continue to do the same this fall. You can pretty much say there are 'no rules.' You'll still see chiffon, white, pastels, bright lips and even maxi skirts and dresses as the cooler weather rolls in.

So, I thought I would share with you some of the things that I am personally most looking forward to sporting and seeing this autumn.

1. Berry Lips - People with olive complexions are going to love this beauty trend. Purple tones always look beautiful with olive skin. I really love how Badgley Mischa and Louis Vuitton brought this beauty style to life in their 2012 Pre-Fall collections. (photo by Nasty Gal)

2. Nods to the 1920s - Just like Mad Men influenced fashion with its popularity, Downton Abbey and soon The Great Gatsby will have influenced fashion to repeat some styles of the 1920's. Drop waists, pleats, intricate beading, fur...You'll see all of those fashion traits pop up in retail stores. Alberta Ferreti and SportMax are great examples.

3. The return of green - Did you know that green happens to be my favorite color? Yep! It has been for many years, but surprisingly I don't wear it that much. I think that has more to do with the fact that it rarely is a popular color in fashion. This fall it's making it's way to the top though. Ports 1961, Doo.ri, Reed Krakoff and Derek Lam all used this pretty color in their pre-fall collections.

4. Peplums - I shared this micro trend this past spring, and it looks as though it has stuck around for fall and winter too. So, jump on the peppy train, and add some femininity to your outfits just like designers Rebecca Minkoff and Alice by Temperley.


Stay tuned for more, and until then, have fun stocking up on summer goods!