Do your clothes reflect your TRUE style?

If someone looked through your closet would they get a good glimpse of your TRUE style?

I'm asking you this question because in the past 24 hours I have had four different conversations with women who feel that their clothes don't really reflect the styles that they love. Some of it is that they don't know how to put the ensemble together after the basics have been purchased, but I would say the majority of people find themselves buying things that continue to miss the mark.

Why is this? Well, I think the majority of us appreciate the melting pot of trends and styles the world has to offer, and we all wish we could be bohemian one day, preppy the next and high fashion on Friday nights. There's nothing wrong with that, but I'm sure most of our pocket books don't give us the flexibility to be and wear all things. So...that's how we end up with closets that are a little bit of everything, but mostly of nothing that truly reflects your style, your inspiration and your personality.

How do you stop this? When you flip though magazines and scroll through blogs save the images that truly make your heart go pitter patter. After about twenty or even ten, you'll start seeing common threads. Your eye may go to certain colors, a-line skirts, cardigans, jeans, etc. THEN...grab five photos and take them with you shopping. Only buy things that match the photos. Then you'll start being able to create looks you truly love.

All of us have our own style and you can appreciate everyone's style, but the dissatisfaction comes when you try to be every other thing than yourself. And you know what? I need to take my own advice!

What is MY style? I'm an all-american girl to the core. Gingham and plaid has been in my blood for years, and will be until I die. My eyes and hands go directly to it, but do my clothes reflect that? No. Guess I better fix that, huh? ;)

What about you?