Dressing for Shopping

Here's a scenario for you...You're getting ready for an afternoon of shopping. You do your hair, your makeup and put on something that makes you feel cute because you're about to parade through a sea of people doing the same thing you're doing - trying to find clothes, etc. that flatter your body and make you feel/look awesome. And if you're like me, you walk out of the house with your hair in a ponytail, bright lip stain, jeans and a top. AND then..you spend the rest of the day pulling clothes over your head messing up your hair, putting your hair back in a ponytail and fearing that you're going to get you red lip color on the clothes. And then you think...Why did I dress like this for shopping?!

Yes, this happened yesterday, and it was a GREAT reminder because maybe you guys won't have to keep repeating these mistakes over again like moi. Haha.

1. Don't wear bright lip color. Duh! Haha. We don't think of it before we hit the stores, but you will once you are putting on the first article of clothing. ;)

2. Don't wear jeans/pants/shirts that have to be rolled. I did this yesterday, and I kept having to fix it every time.

3. Wear shoes that you can slip on and off.

4. Don't wear a dress. Most likely you'll try on a top, and you'll have a hard time visualizing the top without any bottoms. Of course you can always grab bottoms in the store, but why make life more difficult, right?

5. Wear a white/black tank top. It's a great basic that goes with everything. You'll be able to picture most clothes (skirts, cardigans, etc.) better with that.

6. Wear jeans. Most of the clothes will match denim.

7. Wear a strapless bra. Sometimes there are those tanks or dresses that you try on that you can't really visualize well because you don't have the proper undergarments.

8. Avoid several layers. It's just one more thing to put back on after all is said and done.

9. Wear your hair down. It's easier to fix than a bun or ponytail.

Shopping is already frustrating sometimes, especially if it's the dreaded swimsuit or denim shopping trip. Don't dress to impress as dress to feel comfortable before and after the dressing room.