There's something just so chic about a white on white outfit. Maybe it's the bravery that it takes to wear it in the first place. I feel like a risk taker even throwing on a white tee most days, envisioning spilling my coffee while running out the door or having grape juice dribbled on it during a sloppy kiss from one of my kiddos. Or maybe it's the fact that this look reminds me of a warm, sunny day. I mean, how could you not feel like you're on vacation toting around that beautiful straw bag? Either way, this white ensemble looks amazing on photographer Sam Riles

See how to recreate the whole thing for just $102 below. That even leaves you some cash to have a little fun with some jewelry. This tassel necklace would be perfect. 

Uniqlo Linen Shirt - $35 (Currently on promo for $20)

Boohoo Midi Wrap Skirt - $14

Amazon Straw Tote Bag - $30

Target Strap Sandals - $23

Total: $102



As a stylist, I'm always searching for new places to shop. Thanks to the internet and rise of e-commerce it seems like every single day there's thousands of new sites to browse. Talk about overwhelming! Get me on a cute boutique's website and I could scroll forever. I can't be the only one who catches themselves making "dream" shopping carts on these sites, right? 

I've rounded up some of my favorite indie brands to shop. Some are quite established, others newer, but they're all top notch. 


Reformation is known for eco-friendly, surefire basics and feminine dresses. The LA brand embraces current trends, but infuses them into their collections quite tastefully so that the pieces are still classic. Their tagline is "We make killer clothes that don't kill the environment." Need I say more? 


Maybe it's the clean pastel aesthetics or their Instagram full of fresh faced babes, but Glossier is a new brand that simply can't be ignored. This beauty line started in late 2014 with a focus on skincare and is now branching into natural looking makeup as well. Prices range from $12 to $26 so there's no reason not to treat your skin to a treat. 


Aelfie sells rugs, pillows, bedding, and other home accents - all of which are definitely Pinterest worthy. Their designs are bright and contemporary, often featuring bold graphics. Despite being so modern, the company prides themselves on the fact that all of their rugs are handmade using age-old, Indian techniques. How cool is that?!

Melissa Joy Manning 

MJM is the place to go for quality, wearable everyday jewelry. Collections range from affordable minimalist metal earrings to fine diamond rings. Lots of the stone pieces are quite the splurge, but they're so unique. The jewelry is all handmade in the USA, with materials upcycled and ethically sourced. 

Rylee & Cru

Of course I couldn't finish this roundup without including something for the kiddos. I've always been a fan of blogger and illustrator Kelli Murray, so it's no surprise that her clothing line for little ones is just as stellar. They sell wears for both boys and girls and all of their clothes are hand dyed and SO soft. I can't get over how cute this appleseed top is. 

Photos from Instagram


When designers send a model down the runway or clothing stores dress a manikin everything is so carefully concocted and perfected. While it's usually beautiful to look at, there's not much personality in it. When it comes to street style however, you get to see how the latest fashions are actually worn. Different designers are mixed & matched to create a unique look. The styling isn't there to market a product to the masses, but instead to express individual style and push the limits. As I've mentioned before, I love street style for that exact reason. I admire the creative styling, which Im highlighting below and showing you how to easily recreate! 

How cool is this powerful pinstriped look? I love how she belted the blazer to accentuate her waist and added a red neckerchief which pairs nicely with the pinstripes. The quirky chic Louis Vuitton trunk clutch is just the cherry on top. 

By now I'm sure we all know the 70's are in. Suede, fringe, bell bottom flares, platforms, and circle sunnies can be found in just about every designer collection and fast fashion store. What really gets me is how well all of these trends were combined in this look without being too overpowering or costume-y. The white on white is simple enough to go with not just one, but two fringed outerwear selections. 

This look appears quite classic on top, with a soft pink coat, graphic sweater, and white neckerchief. However, it's quite trendy on bottom with a pair of white cropped flare jeans and lace up military booties. 

All street style images from Refinery 29.


Savings aside, there’s just something so exhilarating about thrift shopping. Finding that “fits like a glove” vintage dress which no one else at the party will have, or the exact blouse that sold out months ago at the mall, thrift shops hold countless opportunities to save money and score major style. Lately I've been finding really current pieces hiding amongst the racks of Savers. See the sweater in the pic above? This practically brand new Topshop sweater was only $6!

Finding the Right Place:

Since thrifting is about 80% luck of the draw, finding the right location is vital. A quick Google search can help you uncover some local spots, but don’t stop there. Savers and Goodwill can be great places to start but consider some smaller off-the-radar shops like nonprofit thrift shops run by churches or different charities. 

If you can, find a thrift shop that functions as a buy/sell clothing exchange. Buffalo Exchange is a great one. Since these stores aren’t donation-based their merchandise is typically of an overall better quality. It may be a little pricier but it’s still cheap and you can bring a load of clothes to sell for store credit to get the price down.

Most importantly, don’t judge a thrift shop too quickly. None of them look like much at first glance but some of the most rundown thrift shops house the greatest treasures. You just have to search. (Did I mention? Patience is KEY.) 

What to Look For:

The whole fun of thrifting is the fact that you can stumble across just about anything. However there are some particular items that thrift shopping is especially great for. Take denim, for instance. Denim seems to be one of those magical fabrics that only gets better with time. You really can’t replicate the cozy worn in vibe of a Levi’s denim jacket or the perfect naturally distressed pair of boyfriend jeans, although brands nowadays sure do try. Also, if you buy your jeans at the thrift shop you never have to wonder how they’ll fit once you take them home and wash them. What you see is what you get.

Leathers are also great pieces to thrift for. Most thrift shops are filled with vintage leather skirts, moto jackets, and purses galore. They won’t cost you a fortune and nice leathers should also wear well with time. Even if the leather you find isn’t in the greatest condition, a quick leather conditioner or shine will usually bring it right back to life in no time.

Expert Tips:

Do some research. Brush up on your knowledge of fabrics and begin to pay attention to the construction of certain garments. Not only can this help you to date vintage pieces back to a certain era, but it will also help you steer clear of knockoffs when buying designer goods secondhand. Here are some tell-tale signs of quality:

-Metal (usually YKK) zipper

-Clean but intricate stitching and straight seams

-Fabric (Is it 100%? What does it feel like to the touch? Is it thick?)

-Patterns aligned at seams

-Silk lining

-Details, details, details!

What's your favorite thrift shop find? Comment below or tweet me @avestyles! Photos by Rennai Hoefer


Smells have a way of jogging your memory. They transport you back into different times in your life or help you remember different people. I can still smell my Nana when I think about her - Chanel No. 5, powder and ponds facial lotion - that's what she smelled like. 

If someone were to remember me by a smell right now they would probably describe it as baby vomit, Lucky Charms and Gain. It's very telling of my life right now, but I want to smell beautiful, comforting, light and easy. Well, if you make your way down to the Jo Malone store at the Biltmore Fashion Park you can create exactly that. You can create a scent just for you that no one else hands, and you really can't go wrong.

I discovered that I could pick a scent by describing my desire to feel assertive, strong, sexy, clean, happy rather than guessing if I like citrus, florals or woody notes. It turns out I'm more of a warm, woody fan than I am a crisp, citrus fan. Who knew?! In fact, the very two scents that make up my signature smell are Vanilla Cardamom and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I layered body creme of the Wood Sage & Sea Salt and spritzed the Vanilla Cardamom over the top and it was devine.

A couple things I learned from the amazing store experience:
1. Don't rub your perfume in. Press it in. Rubbing destroys the scent.
2. There are under 150 ingredients in the Jo Malone scents, and the average perfume on the market has over 300. You are really getting a quality product that will last much longer.
3. Only 16 people in the world make their candles, and about two people on average will handle the candle you purchase. It is quite special.
4. Princess Kate and Prince William had their wedding scented with Jo Malone's Orange Blossom. So, if you want to smell like their wedding day you know where to go!
5. You can schedule a hand and arm massage for a quick pampering at the Jo Malone store.

Go visit their beautiful brand new store for an incredible experience. If you're stumped as to what to get people for their wedding, birthday or for the holidays I highly recommend getting candles, perfume or body creme from Jo Malone. Any man or woman would feel so special to receive such a luxurious and beautiful gift. 

This post is sponsored by Jo Malone.