I am convinced that the best gift you could give any woman on Mother's Day is rest. Rest is a undoubtedly a luxury for me in this busy season of motherhood and at the top of my wish list, but sometimes when I have the opportunity to try and rest I don't know how. That might sound crazy, but it's true. So, that's why gifting items from The White Company is an amazing idea. Their high quality, timeless home and beauty products are everything you need to feel pampered and rested.

The box I received from The White Company was the most beautiful box I had ever laid eyes on. The attention to detail is impeccable. And then you open it, and it's like peeling back layers of a rose petal starting with the warmest, personal welcome from The White Company, crisp cotton pillowcases, and a silver picture frame.


When I opened the second layer I discovered an oversized terry cloth robe, a candle that smells like a bouquet of flowers and 100% cashmere socks and a throw. Just lighting a candle and wrapping myself up in all of that pretty would put me into the deepest sleep.

It only got better though when I reached the third layer. Waiting for me was the finest face and body products. Face wash, moisturizer, oil and cream all work together to make your skin feel so soft and smell delightful.

The unboxing experience was a gift alone. However, the rest that came when I shut my bedroom doors, turned on some soft music, showered and applied it all...Well, that was exactly what I was missing in my life - true pampering and rest.

The White Company is coming across the pond from Britain to the U.S. next month and opening their first store in New York City. If you're in the area, be sure to visit. And if not, you can order it all online, at The White Company. I’m excited to be working with them on some upcoming projects as well, so stay tuned for that!

Photos by Rennai Hoefer


Everyone loves getting mail and receiving gifts, so the concept of subscription boxes is truly genius. Each month or each quarter, depending on the service, you receive a box in the mail with goodies. There are subscription services for foodies, for crafters, for kids and for fashion lovers like myself.

I recently received one from FabFitFun, where they aim to give you a little of everything for "a life well-lived." The "fab" is all about feeling and looking great, so in my box I received a necklace and several different beauty products such as bath bombs, lotion, hair products, etc. to try. The "fit" is all about wellness and I found a yoga mat holder that doubles as a resistance band. The "fun" aspect was a DIY herb garden.

It was definitely a fun unboxing experience because everything was a complete surprise, but I wouldn't say everything was tailored to what I would generally pick out for myself. I planted my herb garden, which was something out of the norm for me. I feel like it encouraged me to try new things which made it fun. However, I was also left over with products I didn't really like the smell of or wouldn't use such as hair oil.

All in all, I would say that subscription boxes are worth the money if you are trying to give someone a gift that keeps on giving. They are also great gifts when you don't really know what the person would like because they give you a little bit of everything. I wouldn't necessarily buy it for myself, but I absolutely see it as a luxury to give someone else. If you are interested in trying FabFitFun you can get 10% off your subscription by entering the code "AVE" during checkout. Click here to check it out.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer


This year is Elle's first year celebrating Valentine's Day in school. I'm so excited for her, but Valentine's Day is a lot different than it was when I was growing up. Usually you would get a ton of candy and some fun cards from friends, but her school has asked us not to bring sweets. So, in lieu of candy I found these plastic macarons on You can buy six for $7.99. I bought stick-on-earrings and stickers for the boys.

For her cards, Minted had the perfect Valentine's Day card that let me personalize it with her name and add a photo of her on the back. For three year olds a photo is such a great way for them to know who their Valentine is from since they can't read. Here's to hoping these go over well.


SS for Teens.jpg

Teens are fun to shop for, but finding them the perfect gift can be a hard feat. Nowadays it seems like teens are constantly moving on to the next trend and there's so many options out there it can be overwhelming. I've found that you can't go wrong with a grouping of little stocking stuffer type gifts. Here are a few ideas: 

You may have noticed that a lot of these gifts can be found on Ankit is an amazing site I discovered recently and sells the cutest accessories and tech goodies. Shop with them online before December 31st and use the code AVESTYLES15 for 15% off your purchase!


Smells have a way of jogging your memory. They transport you back into different times in your life or help you remember different people. I can still smell my Nana when I think about her - Chanel No. 5, powder and ponds facial lotion - that's what she smelled like. 

If someone were to remember me by a smell right now they would probably describe it as baby vomit, Lucky Charms and Gain. It's very telling of my life right now, but I want to smell beautiful, comforting, light and easy. Well, if you make your way down to the Jo Malone store at the Biltmore Fashion Park you can create exactly that. You can create a scent just for you that no one else hands, and you really can't go wrong.

I discovered that I could pick a scent by describing my desire to feel assertive, strong, sexy, clean, happy rather than guessing if I like citrus, florals or woody notes. It turns out I'm more of a warm, woody fan than I am a crisp, citrus fan. Who knew?! In fact, the very two scents that make up my signature smell are Vanilla Cardamom and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I layered body creme of the Wood Sage & Sea Salt and spritzed the Vanilla Cardamom over the top and it was devine.

A couple things I learned from the amazing store experience:
1. Don't rub your perfume in. Press it in. Rubbing destroys the scent.
2. There are under 150 ingredients in the Jo Malone scents, and the average perfume on the market has over 300. You are really getting a quality product that will last much longer.
3. Only 16 people in the world make their candles, and about two people on average will handle the candle you purchase. It is quite special.
4. Princess Kate and Prince William had their wedding scented with Jo Malone's Orange Blossom. So, if you want to smell like their wedding day you know where to go!
5. You can schedule a hand and arm massage for a quick pampering at the Jo Malone store.

Go visit their beautiful brand new store for an incredible experience. If you're stumped as to what to get people for their wedding, birthday or for the holidays I highly recommend getting candles, perfume or body creme from Jo Malone. Any man or woman would feel so special to receive such a luxurious and beautiful gift. 

This post is sponsored by Jo Malone.