There's something just so chic about a white on white outfit. Maybe it's the bravery that it takes to wear it in the first place. I feel like a risk taker even throwing on a white tee most days, envisioning spilling my coffee while running out the door or having grape juice dribbled on it during a sloppy kiss from one of my kiddos. Or maybe it's the fact that this look reminds me of a warm, sunny day. I mean, how could you not feel like you're on vacation toting around that beautiful straw bag? Either way, this white ensemble looks amazing on photographer Sam Riles

See how to recreate the whole thing for just $102 below. That even leaves you some cash to have a little fun with some jewelry. This tassel necklace would be perfect. 

Uniqlo Linen Shirt - $35 (Currently on promo for $20)

Boohoo Midi Wrap Skirt - $14

Amazon Straw Tote Bag - $30

Target Strap Sandals - $23

Total: $102


Fall 2010 Trends - Minimalism

Another trend that was showcased for Fall 2010 is color minimalism - using one color throughout the whole outfit.

Though this may appear boring to many people, I really like this look because it makes you focus on the person's face more than their body. Also, this will help make getting dressed easier because you can just layer black on black or beige on beige and be set. Most women I know love black, so this will keep you in your comfort zone and help avoid having to purchase more clothes.

It is, however, a big swing to the right since summer and spring are full of floral patterns juxtaposed with stripes, plaid and gingham.

See examples of 2010 Fall minimalism...