2010 Summer & Winter Scarves

A couple years ago scarves turned into more than a winter accessory. They are now a way to accessorize year round and, especially, add pizazz to plain Jane clothes.

I was reminded of this neglected accessory when I saw fashion artist Dallas Shaw talk about them on her blog as well as FabSugar this morning.

Feeling suddenly inspired by these photos, I thought I would share them with you as well.

These gorgeous tie-dyed scarves are by Scout and Catalogue. I really like the way this scarf is tied. It's very unique looking, and would make her stand out in a crowd.

Payal Luthra's 2010 Fall collection looks beautiful, and is styled EXACTLY how I would wear it. Simple, clean and elegant.

This scarf is a great example of how you can incorporate scarves during the heat of the summer.

This would be a great transition into fall - a plain white t with a warm cashmere scarf.

Paired with liquid leggings, this is a great outfit for a concert.

Scarves can be worn to work too. This is fashion forward and office appropriate at the same time.

Let's Go Fall Shopping!

The September issues have hit the stands, stores are about to start gradually opening boxes of their fall collections and Starbucks will soon bring the pumpkin spice lattes back ...Everyone say it together, "Yay! Fall is coming!!!" So, you may be wondering what you need to start saving your pennies for this year and whether that jacket you bought on winter clearance will still be in style. Have no fear! I'll save your wallet!!!

Let's go shopping, shall we?!

Forget walking...Fall 2010 boots are made for stomping the concrete catwalk (got that phrase from my friend here).

Now, I know what you are thinking, "Thigh high boots?! Are you kidding me? Where am I going to wear these? Can they even fit over my knee?!" Truth? I'm not even going to buy  boots that go that high. I do suggest, however, you get boots that drop just below the knee. They will last you for many fall/winter seasons to come. I have had my Nine West boots for two years now, and they are just as in style this year as they were in years past.

Cropped jackets.

Do you remember when I told you guys to snag those bomber/motorcycle jackets while they were on sale? Well, I hope you got them because you will be using it a lot! Cropped jackets, whether they are wool or leather, are going to be your go-to light weight coat. As seen above, they can be worn with skirts, pants and dresses easily. Dillards, Macy's and Nordstrom will be sure to have them in stock. Let me be clear though...This doesn't mean you should pull out your cropped denim jackets or cropped sweaters. This style should embody some masculinity and menswear.

Speaking of menswear...

Did you get your classic black blazer yet? If not, you're going to need it! When you wear a blazer, wear skinny pants or a short skirt with leggings and NOT wide leg pants. The goal isn't to look like a man. It's to incorporate menswear. However, if you do go the route of wearing wide leg trousers as your piece of menswear, complement it with a tucked in or tight feminine top (see examples above and below).

So, what if your style is pretty feminine and girlie? For one, you're probably thinking that you aren't going to like this season of fashion. haha. Don't worry! There's something for everyone. With the craze of Mad Men, the beauty industry has embraced the elegance of the 40's and 50's, and it sure is a nice contrast to the clean lines of menswear.

Lips a are shades of red with little makeup on the eyes. You'll see a lot of curls and waves as well. (FINALLY!)

And what is more feminine than pantie hose and tights? We gotta keep our gams warm with something if we are going to wear those boots and shift dresses, right?

I love the polka dot and heart tights. I really need to go grab a pair of those!

Lastly, the main attraction of winter - your coat. If you have been trying to avoid putting a chunk of change down on a stylish coat I don't think you can hold off much longer. Save those Columbia and North Face puff jackets for the slopes! You are going to want to turn heads with long belted or button up coats.

Okay, so those are the main clothing items you will need this fall. Whew! Raise your hand if you're excited (MEEEE!!!).

Now raise your hand if you're scared, confused and all of the above...Solution - take me shopping with you or have me shop for you. For $35 an hour, I will end up saving you money by helping you avoid fashion mistakes and pick out pieces that will take you into 2011. You can email me for more information, alexandra@avestyles.com.

Fall 2010 Trends - Minimalism

Another trend that was showcased for Fall 2010 is color minimalism - using one color throughout the whole outfit.

Though this may appear boring to many people, I really like this look because it makes you focus on the person's face more than their body. Also, this will help make getting dressed easier because you can just layer black on black or beige on beige and be set. Most women I know love black, so this will keep you in your comfort zone and help avoid having to purchase more clothes.

It is, however, a big swing to the right since summer and spring are full of floral patterns juxtaposed with stripes, plaid and gingham.

See examples of 2010 Fall minimalism...

Fall 2010 Trends - Chunky Necklaces

I attended my first Fashion Group International Arizona Chapter (FGI) meeting tonight. The focus of the meeting was the 2010 Fall fashion trends report. We viewed a short film showcasing the common threads seen on the runway, and then FGI picked the top ten things that will translate to the market.

I'm going to post my favorite trends as the week goes on, and my first pick is the chunky necklace.

Ladies, start packing up those long, dainty necklaces. Big statement pieces have taken over. Here are some examples...