2010 Summer & Winter Scarves

A couple years ago scarves turned into more than a winter accessory. They are now a way to accessorize year round and, especially, add pizazz to plain Jane clothes.

I was reminded of this neglected accessory when I saw fashion artist Dallas Shaw talk about them on her blog as well as FabSugar this morning.

Feeling suddenly inspired by these photos, I thought I would share them with you as well.

These gorgeous tie-dyed scarves are by Scout and Catalogue. I really like the way this scarf is tied. It's very unique looking, and would make her stand out in a crowd.

Payal Luthra's 2010 Fall collection looks beautiful, and is styled EXACTLY how I would wear it. Simple, clean and elegant.

This scarf is a great example of how you can incorporate scarves during the heat of the summer.

This would be a great transition into fall - a plain white t with a warm cashmere scarf.

Paired with liquid leggings, this is a great outfit for a concert.

Scarves can be worn to work too. This is fashion forward and office appropriate at the same time.