To continue on the subject of our fashion literacy post, I wanted to share some of my favorite fashion films with you. All of the movies listed are documentaries which present the fashion industry in different, intriguing lights and are equally educational and thrilling to watch. People tend to associate the fashion industry with lots of glitz and glamour, making it easy to overlook all of the hard work and stress of the industry. From watching the sweet French women putting all of their passion into creating Dior couture gowns, or witnessing the madness that ensues in making our favorite magazine, it's truly thrilling to peek behind the veil of the industry and witness the people who actually make it tick. 

The September Issue - We've all heard rumors about what happens behind the shiny glass doors of Conde Nast's Vogue. After watching this doc you'll never have to wonder again. You get to be a fly on the wall as Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, and the rest of the Vogue team jump through hurdles to create the 2007 September issue of the magazine. 

Bill Cunningham New York - Bill Cunningham invented street style. Waking up at the crack of dawn every morning, he rode his Schwinn through the streets of New York and photographed what he saw. He didn't look for what was "in", he just documented what the people were actually wearing at the time, sharing it in his weekly column in the New York Times. His incredible modesty and sweet spirit will warm your heart. 

Dior and I - Dior and I provides an exclusive peek into the making of Dior's 2012 Autumn/Winter Haute Couture collection. The film chronicles the arrival of Raf Simons to the prestigious house and details how he managed to bring new life to the brand while maintaining the deep-seeded elegance and history of the Dior name.

Iris - This Albert Maysles documentary follows the beloved 93 year old firecracker fashionista that is Iris Apfel. Known for her eclectic style and garish ways, Iris has made a profound impact on textiles and the way people approach styling. This woman is a riot. 

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