Featured in W25 Magazine

It's the best feeling to share projects that I have worked on and that have been published. Sometimes I have to wait months to share them with you, so when I finally have the green light it's like Christmas morning to me. Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 11.53.31 AM

I recently collaborated with Mark Morgan and Stephanie Neiheisel to create a bohemian inspired photo shoot. With amazing modeling by Abrianna Coons with Jani Model Management, the character of this wild bohemian girl came to life. Sporting pieces such as over-the knee boots, a cut-off Ramones t-shirt, a spiked hat and a utility vest, Abrianna became a this tough girl with a laid back style.

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 11.54.03 AM

w25 magazine was kind enough to publish this shoot. You can check out the spread here and also view some other really artistic projects.

Let me know what you think! Do you have an inner wild Crocodile Dundee style?

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 11.53.46 AMScreen Shot 2013-06-01 at 11.54.15 AM