Back to Front

011609_045_46_cranesI love the beginning of the month because I get all of my fashion magazines! I started reading the latest Lucky Magazine and I kind of chuckled to myself because it occurred to me that don't read magazines in a traditional way.

1. I read most magazines from back cover to front cover.

2. I go through all of the perfume samples, rip them out and leave them in my bathroom for me to later determine what stinks and what I'll give a go.

3. I take out all of the annoying subscription renewal inserts and/or any other "thick" page that causes me to flip to an ad.

4. I flip through all of the pages and find photos or ads or examples of fashion that I connect with, rip them out and put them in my fashion binder.

5. Finally, I read the rest of the magazine.

Anyone else do at least one of my odd behaviors when it comes to magazines or am I just plain weird?