Fuzzy vs. Frizzy

Yes, there is a difference between fuzzy and frizzy, and being a curly haired brunette that used to live in 100% humidity in Houston, Texas and now living in Phoenix, Arizona, I DEFINITELY know the difference between fuzzy and frizzy. Below, is the perfect example of the difference. Frizzy on the left, fuzzy on the right.


In the next couple of weeks Miss Promise and I are doing a fun little photo shoot where WE will actually be the models, and we're going for some major FUZZY hair. Our hair stylist, Kim Cornwell, did a test style on my hair and I'm SOOO pumped to add the makeup and fashion.

To me, fuzzy just looks natural and free. For the first time I feel like it's actually fashionable to have billions of fly-aways considering for the past five years anti-frizz serums have been the number one product salons have pushed for me to purchase. haha!

So, embrace the fuzz right now before long, sleek hair comes back in style and check out some inspiration below.