Haircolor - Help Me Pick

current-haircolor1I've been dying my hair since the day my friend Jenny and I decided it would be awesome to color our hair with permanent Nice 'n Easy hair dye in 4th grade. (Bad idea. Got hives all over my body). I decided I wanted to go blond, and came out with some goldish color. My mom wasn't too happy with me, and made me learn my lesson by growing out my hair color...ugh! These days I change my hair color every six months to a year. For the past year, I've kept my hair all one color because it's cheaper. Tomorrow I go in for a color appointment and I'm itching for a change. So, I thought I should ask you guys. Below are some pics of me with different hair colors. Let me know which one you like best. (The pics aren't great, but they'll have to do).