Home Improvements - Concrete Floors

Back in December 2011, I wrote a post listing all of my 2012 home improvement goals. I'm pretty much on track with everything except I've done some tasks out of order. But who cares as long as they get done right? 1. My bedroom, office and hallway are now all painted white.

2. Had my doors and windows painted black in my office an kitchen

3. Got new bedding for my master bedroom, click here.

4. Ripped out my carpet in the office and bedroom and stained the concrete!!!

So, I'm happy to report I'm a bit ahead of my plan. Granted, we're having a baby this year, so I think anything after September is pretty much out the window for now. Not to mention, I need to add the baby room to the list! EEK!

But before I begin to start stressing out over everything that needs to be done by September, here are some before and after pictures of our floors!

I guess the concrete in our bedroom was so bad it should have never passed inspection. As you can see in the before picture it wasn't just ugly it was SUPER uneven.

But with a lot of sanding, filling in the cracks and a satin finish it looks awesome. I like the bits of imperfections too!

As you can see our office needed the most TLC. When we started pulling up the carpet we got really excited because there were stained concrete floors already under it. However, little did we realize that they had added onto the office at some point making the concrete lack uniformity. Not to mention, after knocking down a load-bearing wall, it left quite a bit of cracking.

We were first told it couldn't be helped, but we found the right guy for the job! It's not as awesome as the bedroom, but it's much improved and nothing that an area rug and a desk can't help!