Floral Blazers

Not too long ago, I blogged about how floral prints on pants were becoming a hot fashion trend. Well, the same goes for floral blazers. The two items (pants and blazers) that usually remain basic solids are being transformed into outfit focal points. Now, silk tanks and tops are taking a back seat. The only thing is that blazers are often very expensive, so why would you spend your hard earned cash on a floral tailored fit when it's bound to go out of style soon? Well, you may not have to worry about losing too much of your money to cash in on this trend. ZARA and ASOS have it covered. For under $100.00 you can have a blazer of your own.

Okay, so how do you wear this bold statement? Keep the rest simple and classic. The images in this blog post are perfect examples.

What do you think? Is this a trend you want to invest in? Do you prefer floral pants to blazers?

Images: Starbucks & Chanel Bags, Tomboy Style, Wren, unknown, ASOS